Thursday, February 08, 2018

Thursday in NYC ~ breakfast, lunch, dessert + friends + shopping + dinner date

First, let me say a big *thank you* for everyone's prayers and comments!!!
The unbloggable is still present and difficult....
but yet it can be possible to have a nice day today with sunshine in NYC
even though some things are quite difficult at present, to say the least. 
So on to today...
I ended up having breakfast with Mr Husband at his work, yum!
Then I went to TJ Maxx.... and found the cutest red rain jacket + 2 fiesta ware serving dishes, 
at all really good prices (the fiestaware was at least 50% lower than normal!)...
I don't show pictures of myself or others (unless I have permission)
on my blog, but well, I guess these pictures are about as close as you will get. :) 
Pretty typical me for NYC, including the headphones that are actually gaming headphones
(I don't do gaming at all, I use them to talk to people on my cell phone!),
 longish blue jean skirt,boots, 
long curly-ish brown hair that has not been cut in many months.  Typical. :) 
Well, I went to lunch with a friend, that was really nice
and then went to Trader Joes, stocked up on kombucha and such things...including
veggie Marsala burgers for Lent! 
I am really excited about my red jacket find and I had been wishing for another bowl
for when we do our dinner Walton's dates (great way to do something
that is relaxing and fun for us as a couple)... so that I could have 2 bowls for popcorn 
and 1 bowl for salad... so that's a real blessing!
It may be nerdy/geek-ish to love the neatness that the bowls bring to 
the coffee 'dinner' table, but I am just so pleased with this.
Now if only the dinner table looked so good...
Tomorrow I will be home and DV will be putting the clutter to rights!
I finally got some things done in letter writing yesterday, 
but the 'creative clutter' from it has not yet been put back...
I am thinking of making a special chicken dish in that new shallow
casserole dish I bought today for Saturday/Sunday night...
since (gulp) Sunday is Meatfare already!!! 
(ahhhh, so early!!!)
My Husband and I enjoyed another Walton's dinner date...
we had chatted during the day, went into NYC together and
had breakfast together, so I was more OK with us having
another dinner date (i.e. we still need to talk)....
It was great to get out today to NYC.
I also listened to some great homilies in NYC while
walking around with my red cart and headphones...
This one:
Quite good and I love that it is Canadian also :) 
Well, I am still having what seems to be allergy issues
when at home... like I have a cold
but yet felt fine when in NYC.
I am supposed to see an allergist at some point about that...
I better get off to bed now though, it's late.
I just wanted to capture a nice happy day 
in the midst of a time that is quite difficult in ways
for Mr Husband and I right now,
though thank God the problems are not in our 
relationship, what a treasure marriage is!
Thanks again SO MUCH for your prayers.
You all are the best encouragers! 
May God help us all and Have Mercy on us!!!


Tracy said...

It's soooo GOOD to see YOU! Well, most of you. ;) And love the red coat...who could resist that?! It's such a happy color. Where did you get your long denim skirt? Ones that long are hard to find sometimes. And call me a nerd too (for I know I am) as I love the neatness, beauty and deliciousness of your dinner-viewing set up! We do things like that too, and it makes a nice, low-cost date nights, which are so good to have. So sorry to hear about your allergies, though. Perhaps something in the home is bothering you--a new plant, something else new brought in? More prayers coming your way!! :))) With LOVE, In Christ--Tracy OXOX

Juliana said...

I love that coat--what a cherry garment! I'm so glad you had such a nice day--so many blessings in it.

Juliana said...


Lilly's Mom said...

Anytime I can go to TJ Maxx, it's a perfect day! In fact, I was there today for a fast shopping trip. I love the red coat you found. Enjoy your weekend dear Elizabeth. Pat xx

Paula said...

I love a coloured coat. Everyone is so dull, black, and grey right now. My new winter coat will be red too (when I get it made). You have such lovely visits to the city. I should post my china score from Value Village.