Monday, February 19, 2018

Clean Monday; Lentil Soup, Canon of St Andrew, Reading cherished letters by Elder Sophrony

 Lentil soup made.
I got to do some reading, which was such a blessing.
Husband was home today (US holiday) and it was so nice to have
an extra day together. 
We went to church tonight, the Canon of St Andrew of Crete is so beautiful 
and inspiring! 
If you want to use the Canon as your Lenten meditation, this book is really 
wonderful to use!
Lentil soup: My friend A. gave me her method, which I then did.
So I remember:
Saute onion and garlic in oil (I used sunflower oil this time).
Added cumin, coriander, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper.
over 8 cups of *boiling* water (makes the soup really fast to make!)
over 3 cups (1 lb) of red lentils.
Puree in immersion blender. 
Add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. 
Great with bread or rice! We had it with bread and a green salad!
And a fruit salad too! 
It's so nice to be reading more of 
Elder Sophrony's letters again.
I am so glad I re-found this book.
I am already packing for my trip to MI to see my family. 
I am being extra cautious and bought a good quality cotton
mask to wear on the plane + throat sprays + purell wipes (for the 
arm chair, light buttons, tray table on the plane), + white gloves to 
wear and then wash... maybe overkill, but I really don't want
to get sick and the flu is really bad this year... 
Lots of my family visited my Aunt this weekend in hospital.
They are hoping she can go back home this week but 
I have not heard the latest yet. 
God willing I will be able see her soon!
Also, God willing, I am able to stay one night over at my home
monastery and I am so excited for that.
I have not been home or to a monastery in 1 year 2 months about.
My beloved Mr Husband has to stay in NJ thought and we are already
talking about how we will miss each other! 
But thank God for text/chat/phone calls. 
A dear friend sent me this letter by Bishop Gregory 
and it included these lines:

"This solemn and reflective journey is not one of despair. This is not a time of inconsolable grief or deep anguish and anxiety. Holy and Great Lent is a time of spiritual renewal in which repentance finds forgiveness and grace, engenders hope, strengthens our faith and leads us to abundant and eternal life."
May God bring us safely through Great Lent and to His Holy Pascha (Easter)!
Thanks also everyone who has commented lately, I really appreciate it!

ps: Lisa: my Faith @ Home page is very if there is anything you 
are wondering about that I am mentioning, just say so! :)  

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Mat. Anna said...

We had lentil soup last night too!

I didn’t try to make it to the Canon last night. The 35 minute drive there, service, drive back, and a very late supper and bedtime wouldn’t be realistic with the smallest ones every night this week. We will go tonight and to Presanctified tomorrow. I’m grateful to be able to go to as many services as I am. Just think: next year (when the youngest will be 3) I can attend even more. I’m getting there! I hope to be able to attend the full round of services before I’m an elderly invalid, haha. đŸ˜‰