Friday, February 16, 2018

Tearing down to build up

Christmas tree is down, lights and ornaments packed away carefully.
Lenten icons are up, Christmas icons packed.
I am going home to Western MI in a week's time, 
a week tomorrow.
God willing I will be in church everyday this week, for the beginning 
of Lent, which is called Clean Week.
With yesterday being a feast day and my Husband took the day off for it, 
and then the news of my Aunt K, shocking...;
I was so confused this morning, I thought yesterday was a 2 day weekend 
and that today was Monday.
Why was my friend posting on IG about it being Friday?
Why is it that one minute one is fine and happy and joyful
and the next minute everything changes, dynamically, suddenly
and the sword is thrust in and goes out silently, quickly,
without visible change and yet everything is changed?
I finally did the second book order for my church book sale,
that we thought would be 2 times this Lent, 
this Sunday and then later.
But now there is snow on the way; we don't know if we can travel there
or not and such. 
I've had this icon of Christ the Good Shepard lit for my Aunt;
it is Christ who will take her safely through the valley of death....
I am getting this book on the mystery of death and from the chapter headings, I think
it will be a good read for me right now.
I woke to this song inside me, welling up, expressing everything...

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Lisa Richards said...

Yes, it's such a comfort to know that Jesus is there to accompany us through the valley and on into eternity. We are never alone if we belong to Him! Thank you, Jesus!