Thursday, February 01, 2018

Thursday ~ full and more full

I feel like I can't catch my breath much this week. 
I've had fun doing daily morning pots of tea...
I had a friend over for lunch, which was nice.
I had a walk in the morning.
I was trying to have walks more regularly the
week that I broke my foot and in that regard,
I feel like I am just getting near where I wanted to be 
before my ankle broke. 
I had a phone meeting and then a great phone talk as well.
I felt like I was doing dishes all day.
I got amazon deliveries 
(new headphones that work for cell phones to listen and talk, 
and lights for above the oven that I installed.)
I made chicken fajitas.
Oil splattered so more clean up than normal. 
I had a delicious small mint chocolate ice cream sandwich.
Trader Joes. I loved it.  I totally want to stock up on those!
So....I really wanted to get back to writing my essays this week.
That totally did not happen.
What did happen was daily walks, various visits with friends,
and keeping house in good order and doing things for my Husband and I.
I have such big dreams for writing essays but I have to do
the wife/housekeeping/cooking + friendship building things + more
daily walks.  I need to get back to the smoothie making too. 
Tomorrow, though, I hope to go to liturgy locally in the morning,
go out for Indian food (by myself!) and do an errand.
We still have unbloggable stressors that, while we are able to 
handle them more than we used to, are still present in our lives
and I would say they are wearying. 
But I see that we are so blessed and I try to focus on all
the good in our lives.


Tracy said...

Such pretty tea and food photos! Tea in the is a beautiful ritual, isn' it?! I don't think I could get on with the rest of the day much without my morning tea. ;) A week of all sorts you've had... but how lovely too! So glad you are feeling strong in body, as the ankle anniversary looms... :) Wishing you a restful weekend ahead... Keeping you in my thoughts & prays! With LOVE, In Christ--Tracy OXOX

karen said...

friendship building is important :) lovely tea settings and dinner settings - you are an inspiration!

Lisa Richards said...

I LOVE the teacup! What an unusual shape. The kitty looming over the dining table would make me nervous. Does he/she ever get into mischief? :) I wish I was as hospitable as you seem to be. I keep thinking "someday" I'll invite people over. That will be a goal for me. Keep up the inspiration! Glad you're getting stronger and back on schedule with walking. I'm into smoothies, too. You can get so many good things into them! God bless! :)

Mat. Anna said...

Cleo made me laugh. 😄

Essays will happen in due time. All of these other things are important too. Your life seems very lovely and warm to me, even though I know all is not rosy all the time. Big hugs.

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much everyone!!!

Lisa ~ YES!! Cleo can get into mischief at times!!! She's more audacious in her old age ;) :)