Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wednesday ~ beauty, hope and busyness

Today was good.
Full. I rested some...
I am enjoying having fast-free week,
lots of tea with milk and small treats...
Laundry, a walk, a pumpernickel bagel from our local coffee shop, 
paperwork errands, an 
email box that is over 110 again, dishes, 
and a myriad of things...
Tomorrow DV a friend is coming for lunch and
possible another stopping by briefly, later.
I hope to keep up the walks, and tomorrow morning I hope to start writing.
I've been listening to a classical FM station and loving hearing
songs, many old favourites from various times in my life,
and that's been a blessing.
I hope you are all doing well
and that God is merciful to all of us!


Helensmum said...

Hello Elizabeth!
I've had a busy January but hope to comment more soon.Caught up with your posts, how well you seem, thank God.

Warm wishes,

Ann Marie

Mat. Anna said...

What a beautiful table!

So glad you are enjoying this week.