Monday, January 08, 2018

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve and Christmas day!
A few moments I want to treasure always....
when I was packing cookies, I was thinking of a certain woman
who comes to church but I don't know well,
but she always seems care-worn... so it was a great joy
that she was there on Christmas and I was able to give her cookies and tea,
telling her with joy and truth that I was thinking of her especially 
when I was preparing these cookies... 
We went out to a dinner for after church Christmas meal;
it was really nice and I had the French Toast with Cinnamon Swirl,
was really delicious! 
We were spoiled this year with gifts from others;
we are saving those to open tomorrow.
That's a special treat!
I am not sure why, but I have a lot of insomnia the last 2 days.
We still do have some unbloggable worries
but I am not sure if that is the cause....
I always feel so full on Christmas and Pascha,
as in my senses are full of the deep beauty that is in the church
and the church services... It's such a happy time, 
often intermingled with sorrow, but yet, the hope is there
and the beauty brings us back to the HOPE we have...
It was our first Christmas with +Patrick and we miss him...
I read this lovely Christmas story by L'Engle...
Last year my Husband and I were sick and missed Christmas.
We are really hoping not to get sick this year.
We can honestly say that last year was a really difficult year
for us in terms of health and we are praying for better in 2018 but
we are in God's hands and that is all that matters,
is being there.
Wishing everyone on the Julian calendar a very
Merry Christmas and a peaceful 12 days of Christmas!
Christ is Born!
Glorify Him! 


Tracy said...

Christ is Born! So glad you had a blessed and wonderful Christmas, Elizabeth! I was thinking of you & yours yesterday... so it was good to come here and see about all your festivity, food, and time at church. Hoping you will be able to rest better soon... Wishing a continued joy-full and blessed Christmastime! ((HUGS))

shoreacres said...

Christmas blessings to you! Are the photos of the pretty white church and the church interior the same building? I never would have expected such inside beauty from the outside -- there's a lesson there, don't you think?

Lilly's Mom said...

I wish you all the blessings of this joyous Christmas season, dear Elizabeth. I'm so happy to see you well and healthy and enjoying this blessed time. Pat xx

Paula said...

Merry Christmas!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Christ is Born- Glorify Him!