Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The 11th Day of Christmas...

It snowed lightly! 

I made the vegan pancakes!
They were so easy and really good!
I felt like I was eating a butter-filled pancake! 

 So, I've kinda been wishing for a slightly smaller cream/white coloured tray,
as my white one, which I love, is quite large... but I took myself by the hand
and told myself to use what I have... :)... and then I remembered the cute 
Christmas tree placemats that an etsy seller included with my order
a few years ago of Christmas Tree Spode dishes... the place-mats are a thick 
paper but it was perfect to use to add a bit more 'Christmas' to the white tray!

We had a fun Christmas lunch and enjoyed
talking and then knitting together! 

I got some stuff out of the 3-month-make-sure-bedbugs-are-not-in-it VNA rummage sale
stash (we keep them bundled up in trashcans tightly sealed with bags for 3 months)....
and I got a bunch of picture frames! And a little bit of stationary,
including big card envelopes, I was so pleased! 

Also got this Anne Lamott book... she gives one things to think about and
 her humour is great... I appreciate her as a writer! 

I hope to have all the shades up (they need adjusting again) for the Christmas dinner
with the Munchkin DV this Friday night... I LOVE how the 
white lights reflect in the windows.... 

I love these sticky notes! 3$ at the VNA! 
You can see below that they were originally just over 8 pounds and that's
over 11.00 USD! So a significant savings!
I am thinking of using these to make cards with... 
and as markers for books that I want to note something about... 

 So....I had this in my cupboard and I must of put too much on it....
my friend was so kind when I realized that it the bottom of this had broke 😕in 3 pieces. 
... she helped me carefully clean it up .... 
then I could get the right skillet to do those delicious pancakes in!
 I will be hunting for a replacement in time but am so grateful for patient friends!
I must tell you the story of this IKEA 3 tiered tray... 
I had wanted one for some years, probably about 10, when I found this at 
IKEA back when I lived in Ottawa...When I showed my 
sister-friend, who I was shopping with, she was so glad
for me, that she gave me a hug! 
She understood! 
So a happy memory! 
I will probably replace this one with the same 
if IKEA still sells it when
I next go there...

My Husband's slice of cheesecake on this fast-free Wednesday!

So these were 2 frames that I got at the VNA...
but they are actually trivets/hotpads and really nice! 
So I am going to use them as such...
they are really pretty... this picture does not capture
how they glisten, having a nice glaze on top of the tile, and 
add to the sense of beauty that twinkle lights and candles give....
So, my friend is coming tomorrow, DV! (DV = Lord willing)...
hopefully we can tackle that hinge that broke a while back, making a 
cupboard quite difficult to use!
And make my skirt!!! I am so excited for this! 
So I better sign off so I can get the things out....
And that is today's 11th day of Christmas...
I feel a lot of joy in it...


shoreacres said...

I especially like those tiles. I have two from New Mexico that I bought to use as trivets, but, like you, I found them so attractive I just hung them up, and enjoy them every day.

Like you, I think the white lights reflected in the windows are delightful.

Martha said...

What a pretty window and view! It's said that bed bugs are common here, thankfully I've never had to deal with them, but it's very wise to take precautions, as i remember your ordeal, i should do the same.