Saturday, January 13, 2018

On the 7th day of Christmas....A Wonderful Warm Delicious Christmas Lunch 2018

We had a wonderful Christmas lunch today!
I invited just three people, 
as I felt I could only do something small this year.
But it was so special!
Final Menu was...

~Chocolate (a gift from a friend who was there!)
~Green Tea and Chamomile Citrus tea both by Mighty Leaf

~Ree's Creamy Mashed Potatoes with roasted garlic and shallots
~The last jar of my Husband's parents beans from their garden in Ohio, before they moved
~Homemade Apple Sauce (2015)
~Cranberry Sauce (1 bag cranberries, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, boil until cranberries are popping
and it seems done, then cool and it thickens; recipe for this is from Ocean Spray Cranberry bag!)
~Salad made by guest 
Warmed Bread with salted butter on table 

~Cheese Cake from Cheesecake Factory with these toppings:
~Raspberry syrup
~drunken cherries (dried cherries re-hydrated in brandy)
~Chocolate Sauce
~Chocolate and Orange Sauce from PEI
~Dulce de Leche Milk Caramel (Trader Joes)

Wittle Truffel tea + Christmas in Paris tea (Stash tea) 
with cream and sugar optional 
It was so very nice!
One of the friends I had over is expecting her third child
and had not been to my home before because it's over an hour drive
from her place + 2 young kids.
We had such a nice time of fellowship, the three ladies
with myself and my Husband.
So that was a blessing.
I think the meal was exactly what I hoped it would be,
warm, relaxing (my two friends helped me with the last details,
I was running late due to various things that happened yesterday
and I ran out of steam last night so I did not have the table set
the night before like I usually do).... but it all worked out and was delicious! 
I hope to do one more Christmas dinner,
God willing, with my dear friend and her son, our Munchkin,
on Theophany night.

That menu will include...

~Turkey with Egg Noodle Casserole (An Amish recipe) 
~Cranberry Sauce
~Stuffing if I can find it (it's frozen!) 
~Broccoli (if it's not in the casserole, I need to look at
the recipe again!)
~Hot Apple Cider 

Dessert will include...

~Turtle Brownies
~Cranberry Pie (if I can find it!)
~Tea and Hot Chocolate 
Tomorrow DV is St Basil's Day and the Circumcision of Christ, 
is the Church New Year and happens to be our 
Church Christmas Party also.
I had so much fun decorating the house with the 
Christmas towels, Christmas Dishes, playing Christmas music...
It was a really nice day and I am really grateful for it.
And that we are currently not sick like we were a year ago! 
Praying that we do *not* get sick this year...
so many have a terrible flu this winter, 
I am hearing about it in different States and also Provinces of Canada. 
May God have mercy on us and save us all!
Christ is born! 
Glorify Him!


Lisa Richards said...

I hope you can find all of those items for your next dinner, lol.
The cheesecake slices are HUGE! But I would definitely attempt them!

matushka constantina said...

Merry Christmas! Everything looks lovely and cheery. I hope the New Year brings you and Mr. Husband health and happiness!

Lilly's Mom said...

Your food looks delicious and your table is stunning. I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful celebration with your dear friends. Hopefully, you can rest a bit before starting in your next fun adventure. Hugs, Pat