Thursday, January 25, 2018

A little bit of NYC and after

Really quick as it is late
(I had 101 emails again! Some were reminders only
so those and others were all taken care of; back to 83 backlog...)
I had a great day with my friend from my far-away church!
We had breakfast and talked and talked...
then we went to get tickets for the Downton Abby Exhibition. 
I admit to only watching a bit of the very first episode,
however I knew I would enjoy seeing the dresses and the dining room (Swoon!!)...
so we then ended up going to the Russian Tea Room, an old iconic NYC institution.
It was fancy and over-the-top in terms of decorations.... 
we were not planning on going, but then it was 2018 Restaurant Week 
and a lot more affordable than otherwise for lunch
and so we went... then went and saw the Downton Abby exhibition. 
Then I went off to a bakery and found the jam that I loved in Holland
(I had loved that jam so much that I emailed the company who makes it
to see if I could get it Stateside.  I got an email back saying that while they don't 
have it available Stateside, they did make jam for a bakery that was in NYC
(and other places) and today was the day that I got that jam!
I hope it is as good.... 
Then I went to Trader Joes and stocked up on somethings...
and then back home 
(it got too late for me to stay for dinner as I had hoped to
but that was fine)... I talked to my Mom while I put things away...
and we were surprised with a gift of chocolate from Mr Husband's parents!
Very generous of them!
So I have lots more pictures from today, but that will have to wait for another day,
God willing!  
I am happy to say that my foot only twinged a few times and that 
today was a really nice day with my friend and then in 
Trader Joes :) 
Thanks everyone for your comments on yesterday's post;
that was a really special quiet day! 
Tomorrow is clean up the house and make the chocolate torte day!
House Blessing this Sunday night, God willing!  


Tracy said...

Such a lovely and fun day! Glad you were able to manage the day, and your foot not protesting too much. And you got your jam too--hooray! :) Fun with the Downtown Abbey exhibit and all the beauty. I bowed out of Downtown viewing early too. Stopped watching after the 3rd season, after Matthew died... I just didn't like what was happening with the storylines and characters and didn't feel right watching so much convoluted drama. But the clothes and details--wow! Such a great treat with the chocolate...mmm... Your post yesterday was lovely too! Resting before Lent begins is such a good idea, as Lent can be a lot for the mind, body and soul to go through... So a period of rest (as much as is possible in busy life) makes a lot of sense, and to plan for things properly, etc. Looking forward to seeing more of your day in NYC! And have a very blessed Sunday! With Love, In Christ--Tracy OXOX

karen said...

I'm glad you found the jam! I loved the DA show and was sad to see it end. However, it seems other shows crop up and fill the void eventually. I am envious of your NYC day trips....

Paula said...

Ella watches the first season of DA all the time. If I were skinny, I'd totally dress Edwardian all the time :) I'd love to go to the Russian Tea Room. Sounds like you had a great time.

Lisa Richards said...

Oooo. Nice day out! :)