Friday, January 12, 2018

On the 6th day of Christmas....

I have begun reading this book...
really enjoyable.
I am ready for the Christmas lunch!
So the menu changed a bit,
I did not have the time to do the chocolate torte, so...

Revised Menu:

Roast Pork
Creamy Mashed Potatoes
Green beans (?)
Cranberry sauce (?)
Bread, Butter

Lemon Water

Cheesecake + many toppings
Newly polished and washed teapots full of tea!

And now, after a good day, with a long talk with
dear Romanian friends and talks with Mr Husband at night,
plus phone with my Mother :), 
and many dips into Jones' 10th Muse,
I must with thankfulness, go on to bed! 


Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth,
How wonderful to still be celebrating Christmas. Your luncheon menu sounds so delicious and I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow with your friends. We are taking our grown children to see a musical tomorrow night, one of their Christmas gifts. As we begin a new year may yours be filled with many blessings and wonderful moments shared with loved ones. Happy New Year!

shoreacres said...

The larger view of your apartment is wonderful. All those windows! It reminds me of how much I enjoyed living in an apartment that had been created out of a second floor of an old house -- and it also reminded me that urban living doesn't have to be in one of those terrible, box-like buildings, even if a person can't afford some of the fancier old buildings.

I've enjoyed seeing some of your Christmas celebrations, too. May they all be so enjoyable!

Paula said...

Sounds like you are having wonderful Christmas. Your table always looks so beautiful and inviting.

Lisa Richards said...

I notice kitty is never far away when your table is nicely laden with food! LOL
I continue to love your corner apartment with wonderful huge windows!
That cat bookmark is hilarious. I'll have to remember that next time I make a bookmark to trade.
Sounds like you had a wonderful day. God bless and may you have many more!

Mat. Anna said...

What a lovely, cozy space! Particularly nice with the view of the snow outside. Glad you’re enjoying the Christmas season!