Thursday, January 18, 2018

The 12th Day of Christmas...

My dear friend who is moving soon to Russia
came about 10:20 AM...
...I was making the first of 4 Christmas crackers for tomorrow....
We tried in vain to fix the hinge of the cupboard door...
Then we began the sewing process, 
first measuring and then picking thread and so on.
Lunch was simple, wonderful English muffins,
with fruit, jam and tea.
We discussed tea and jam and my friend gave me a recipe for
making a lemon jam...or jelly... 
Then clearing lunch and much sewing, cutting, ironing, 
and we did so much! I only have to finish the bottom and the top!
It is all in one piece and the pockets are sewn on!
I can't use them for really pockets as the fabric is vintage and
we did not use any interfacing in it to make it stronger.
My friend left at 7 PM! Just as my Husband was coming home...
We went to the diner for dinner and then prayers and 
I put away all the sewing things, did the dishes, thawed the turkey + gravy, finished
the Christmas crackers and set the table for
tomorrow's dinner. 
Now I can rest easy: all I need to do tomorrow afternoon 
is make the Turkey encore casserole! 
I am using an Amish recipe that calls for canned cream of chicken soup....
instead tomorrow instead plan on making 
a roux with cream, milk, a hint of sour cream, chicken stock and turkey gravy. 
It should be a great casserole! 
Rest of menu:

~hot apple cider (trader joes)
~cranberry sauce
~cheesecake and brownies for dessert 
And that was the very special 12th day of Christmas!
DV we go to Theophany liturgy tomorrow;
because of the long drive to church,
there was no way to make it to vigil tonight
but tomorrow DV we will be there!


Tracy said...

Oh, such a lovely day... I'm so glad for you that you had this special time with your friend. Will she be in Russia a long time, or is it just a temporary move? So beautiful is the fabric of your skirt! I have that same pattern, but haven't made my skirt yet...though I do have fabric already (an indigo chambray). How do you like the fit of the skirt. I worry I will have to adjust the waistband on mine... Anyway, Hope you have more wonderful time today. It all sounds sooo good...mmm... Blessings to you all! With Love, In Christ--Tracy OXOX

Mat. Anna said...

Joyous Feast!

What a nice day you’ve described. 😊 And I love aprons!