Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A quiet lovely day of solitude with letters and books

I must say that today was a lovely quiet day,
one of those days that one cannot conjure up for oneself
but receives as a gift. 
I so enjoyed reading the book on Guernsey
namely, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
This article is lovely to read about the two authors.
Of course those who love that book should read Elizabeth Goudge
who has books set there and, even more, her Mother is from there.
See especially her book Green Dolphin Street. 
Anyway, it was such a lovely time,
reading this book and also writing various letters and cards by hand.
I had been dreaming of doing this for some time, but knew I needed to wait
until the 12 days of Christmas and Theophany would be over. 
Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while
will know that I love hosting lunches, dinners and teas, etc!
But they take time to plan, prepare and actually do! 
So it's been nice to have a quiet day and to actually write letters.
There is something about letter writing by hand that is so much
better than being online even...
Of course I got to get my pretty stationary out, much of it
either gifts or found at the VNA rummage sale. 
I wrote this earlier on social media about the English Muffin picture:
If one could write of the glories of a perfect (soft yet toasted, just the right thickness) English Muffin, they would have lost their chance, as I just ate it as if eating the finest french croissant.... and with that glorious perfect spoon of jam on each one....
It really was most lovely.
Tomorrow is a busier day, but one that should be fun!
A dear friend of mine here and I are going to NYC!
And I am on the hunt for a jam that I had in Holland!
An exquisite perfect apricot jam that is just so 
perfect.  I find that as I get older, I am more aware not only of 
beauty around me but of the great enjoyment that a good jam 
on bread or a warm cup of tea gives. 
I find both quote consoling and hope I never have to go 
without them....I have been luxuriating on tea, jam and stationary...
as if all the quiet thankfulness just flowed out...
I am also aware that right now I am in a brief time of rest and that
Great Lent is coming soon!
I remember years ago hearing a young nun tell a family member how
during the fast-free week (that's next week) she was given some
time to rest and do as she pleased.  Crocheting was chosen, to the delight of all.
But I think that is so wise. The rest before the huge effort of
Great Lent.... I feel like that the time of the 12 days of Christmas and 
a bit afterwards is like that for me; this year and last I read some fun
books on food (books by or on Julia Child and this year Judith Jones,
Julia Child's editor, etc) and these are not only enjoyable 
but, to me, quite restful and invigorating at the same time.
I was going to make that Turkey cream pasta tomorrow but we've decided 
instead to eat in NYC and do that dish on Saturday.
I made a vegan stir fry for dinner tonight.
It was not the greatest. 
Clearly I have a lot to learn about doing a proper stir-fry
and won't buy that premade item again as it just did not work for me.
But that's OK. There is time and I am slowly learning
various cooking techniques and tricks and am just feeling 
so full of blessings and the gift of today, 
with a uplifting book and letters written. 
And I am trying to focus on thanksgiving and to cut off
thoughts that are more in a trajectory of unrest...
Rest and thanksgiving are irrevocably linked...


Elizabethd said...

I often treat myself to Bonne Maman Apricot jam, it really is the best!

Mat Anna said...

Those pictures make me feel happy. ❤️

Don’t fret over the stir fry. Father loves Chinese and is always trying various things. He’s gotten a lot better over time and partially from watching YouTube videos.

I really need to get back to letter writing.

Lisa said...

"Rest and thanksgiving are irrevocably linked" - yes! That is true.

Martha said...
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Martha said...

I enjoy writing and receiving real mail, cards & letters. I've been wanting to get the NEW "Love" stamps from the post office. I still have some of the "Snowy day" ones left. I wonder if the book was based on her mother's experience there...

Fouad Shaker said...

Reading your blog today was like transporting me to a sea of calmness; lovely indeed. It is such a coincidence that I just ordered Elizabeth Goudge's book, The Scent of Water. I have never read any of her books before and I'm looking forward to this book. Enjoy your day dear Elizabeth. Pat xx (it's me Pat from as I am writing this from my husband's ipad!)

Lisa Richards said...

The book on Guernsey that you mentioned has been on my Amazon wish list for quite some time. I'll have to order it soon! I have read Green Dolphin Street and a couple of other E.G. books, and I love her writing.
This post is filled with so many delectable and cozy thoughts. Enjoy all the gifts God has given you!

Rachel said...

You are so right about writing letters, it is such a wonderful art. I feel the same way about journaling. I'm very much looking forward to Lent this year. The winter has been especially dreary, and I feel as if God is going to clear it away with a bright Spring.