Monday, January 15, 2018

On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Since my Husband had the day off, 
we gave each other the rest of our Christmas gifts....
Husband got the history, toy soldier books + Tolkien.
I got everything else.  
We have a small stash of things for gifts for the other (things given or found at sales) 
and my Husband
picked out everything today for both of us.
It was really cute. 
He would give me a bag with a book or DVD in it
and then another bag which I would then give to him.... :) 
5 things each, very symmetrical. 
I rested a lot today.
Am still tired but that's no surprise as I pushed 
myself when I was already tired to make the Christmas lunch.
I just knew it was a 'now or never' thing, esp. with my one church
friend having her third child in the next 2 months. 
Tomorrow I hope for quiet introvert day.
Today I finally finished up some cards (birthdays) and 
such things. I still have a few Christmas cards to send out
(people's whose address I did not have when I was doing the whole 
bunch of cards in December)...
I also got my email inbox down to currently 88 unread emails only,
so that's a blessing.... one of the things we talked about at the 
Christmas lunch was how technology can create stress,
including email over-load, texts etc. 
Well, that's the 9th day of Christmas on my end!
I am grateful for the books I have been given and look forward
to more time to just sit and read.
Tomorrow I hope for some more reading time!
I just found this recipe for vegan pancakes, am thinking of making this
on Wednesday for my friend (new calendar) ... and my 
grocery delivery just got a new vegan "chicken" that I hope to try
on Thursday, as DV another friend is coming!
Now you can see why tomorrow is a "rest" day!
The Christmas season is busy!
I listened to the following last Friday and was really nice, calming... 
I am putting them here to remember to listen to them again soon....


Pom Pom said...

I have never seen Herself, but it looks very good! I love M L'Engle.
How nice to have such a busy Christmas season. I hope you did get to rest!

elizabeth said...

Pom Pom: thanks! still working on the rest but did have a good quiet day! This book, Herself, is a collection thematically of various things L'Engle wrote with a great glossary in the back!

Lisa Richards said...

I try, every day, to clear out my inbox except for a couple of things I leave as reminders to take care of some business. It sure fills up quickly!
Enjoy all of those wonderful books! I enjoyed your description of you and your hubby exchanging gifts. Cute! :)