Sunday, January 14, 2018

8th Day of Christmas... St Basil's Day...Church Christmas Party...

Today was very full. St Basil's day! I went outside church and when I returned our little church was full of the scent of St Basil's bread, very fragrant and beautiful.

We had our Church Christmas Party.
It was very nice.... tons of people,
I was pretty tired afterwards,
I think my introvert side is plan fatigued!
I am having friend over on Thursday DV
who is going to help me make a skirt.
She is moving to Russia soon so I really
want to make a nice lunch for us.
But it's also the eve of Theophany,
which is a fast day.
So vegan it is.
Any suggestions on what I should serve?
I need simple and easy!
Tomorrow is MLK day so my Husband is home
and I am looking forward to a quiet day of 
enjoying our Christmas lunch leftovers and resting.
Of course my Husband is going to do paperwork tomorrow,
but myself, I hope to do some good quiet resting! 
Thanks for your comments on my Christmas lunch post!
I did have such a very nice time and it was a joy to do!
I am grateful that we are healthy right now.
We are praying that we can make it to April
this year without getting sick with flu, etc.
May God bless and help us all,
no matter our life's difficulties.
God is with us!
PS: since you may want to know, it is the Greek Nuns 
who made the St Basil's Bread... 


Mat Anna said...

Did the bread come from Holy Protection? Theirs is always wonderful!

I’m glad you had such a nice time but I have that introvert self that desperately needs quiet and space to recharge too. I hope today is restful.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mat Anna!! YES!! the bread came from Holy Protection!! such an incredible bread!!! ... I was really needing quiet after being around so many in a social setting. Today is just my Husband and I and is already going a long way to having me feel restored... more needed though, but it's only the first part of the day!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The bread looks WONDERFUL!
Wishing you a peaceful, joyous and blessed day xxx

Gloriade said...

Oh my! Such beautiful bread. I have no doubt it tasted as good as it looked. Everything looks so festive.

Lisa Richards said...

Is that the front of your church with the red door? It's so beautiful inside!
Yes, the bread is wonderful!
Have a good week!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Elizabeth, it was wonderful bread!!!
Gloriade, yes, if anything it tasted even better than it looked!!!
Lisa, actually that is the door of the family who hosts the Christmas party! Our church front and doors are seen towards the end of this post: