Thursday, January 11, 2018

I needed that!

We had a nice evening on the 5th day of Christmas...
mac and cheese baked perfectly in the two new casserole dishes,
so excited that both fit in the toaster oven at once!
It's so fun to have popcorn!
I enjoyed the Christmas movie of memories very much!
Thanks for the comments friends,
I really appreciate any comments in general and also when I am 
struggling with something. 
So thanks, I really appreciate it!
Well, the house is clean, laundry to be folded again!
I tell you, it never ends...
I have the marinade ingredients set out for the pork, 
I hope to do the mashed potatoes and if possible
the chocolate torte! 
Which means, I better head off to bed now, right? :)


Tracy said...

LOVE all your red dishes, Elizabeth! Feistaware is such fun. I used to have some in blue. So glad you've been having good days just now...and have a lovely festive meal this weekend! Oh, while here, thought I'd respond to the comment you left me on the infused honey. with the more solid honey, it might be harder to replicate this particular recipe. You could try gently "melting" some honey on the stove, and see what happened, though I think it might return to it's more solid form. The best bet is to make a kind of hot toddy in a cup with boiled water, add you honey to the hot liquid and letting it melt, then add some lemon and ginger slices and let it steep. You can add a shot of whisky or other if you like too. Basically a hot lemon jazzed up. But it would still work! :) ((HUGS))

Lisa Richards said...

One thing I've noticed, Elizabeth, is that you actually use your pretty things. They don't just sit on a shelf to be admired. That's so much fun! Popcorn sounds like a good idea for tonight. I have some Lord of the Rings to watch! God bless!

Lisa said...

Oh, mac and cheese! I made some Thursday, and will have the rest for dinner tonight. mmmm!
I'm glad you're having a joyful holiday.