Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Monday and on to Tuesday

It's currently raining, still dark, before the dawn.
I am usually not up yet but am glad to be here now.
Yesterday was a good day.
House cleaning and laundry. 
Slowly switching out my dishes from my
Christmas Tree Spode....
I got a lovely gift from my quilting-friend yesterday!
I am looking forward to sewing again, 
but had to think about my week and see that,
with the house blessing this Sunday and I am DV
in NYC on Thursday, I can't get my sewing out this week.
There's a significant set-up/take-down time
and our home is great but with the card table up for my 
sewing machine, it will make our home less easy
to navigate to bless.
So I will put away my new sewing and knitting treasures for now,
but hope to get sewing done next week!
I have been finally catching up more on the Christmas letters that I never got out
and some snail mail as well...of other letters I had waiting.
the Italian vintage stationary above I had posted on social media
and was amazed at how many people had this paper!
I found it at the VNA rummage sale!
It's really lovely paper!
Well...today is going to be rainy until 
later so more quiet things and laundry for today.
I have a lot of paperwork and "online errands" to do today!
I am really enjoying my new books,
I have various ones that I am dipping into right now!
I re-found this quotation and thought I would share:

Spiritual work happens secretly in the heart.  Externally, let everything else threaten us.  
Like the sea:  The wind blows, waves rise.  But deep down it is all quiet, peaceful, serene.  
This is how a man who trusts in God lives.  
There might be a wild rage out there, but deep down nothing hinders the soul from having a mystical communion with God, a mystical love for God.  
Quietly and mystically, in a special way that the heart perceives, the Lord is whispering:  
"Don't be afraid.  I am here.  Keep walking this path. 
 Keep loving me, keep believing in me, keep following me."
~ Elder Symeon Kragioouolos


Juliana said...

I did some book binding about 12 years ago and used some paper very similar to that (same pattern, slightly different colorway) to bind some books! It is a beautiful paper!

Lisa Richards said...

I love the quote at the end. And the Wind in the Willows teapot! Enjoy the crafting fun!