Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday ~ A dusting of snow, a friend's visit and NYC

Light snow this morning! 
This week feels long though it's only Tuesday night!
So today a friend came over for lunch and tea 
then we went off to Purl Soho in NYC.
It was really nice spending time with her!
I did not get anything as I have enough of everything
at present for many projects.
I am obsessing about pens though, I admitted to my 
Husband at dinner. 
So had dinner with my beloved Husband and then
read more of this book and then prayers and then 
more of this book, which I finished all in one day 
and WOW.  A good read. Intense. Lots of thoughts 
whirling around from it. 
Well, tomorrow is a fast-free Wednesday and I 
am looking forward to it!
I get to stay home DV and that will be good,
as I feel like I have been running here and there 
and need some quiet again. 
God bless you all, save and protect!


Lilly's Mom said...

How lucky you are to visit Purl Soho! Did you know the Purl Soho warehouse is run by the sister and it's just a few miles from where I live? I've visited it once and saw all the beautiful items they have on their website. I hope you have a restful Wednesday. Pat xx

karen said...

I wish I was in purl soho!! love the photos and glad you had a friend to accompany you with and to have fun.

Lisa Richards said...

Hope you're enjoying your quiet day. Pretty pictures!