Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Today in Pictures...

Fancy baking chocolate that I shaved for the cream cheese brownies + a new knife that my brother-in-law made. The blade is carbonized steel and I love it! (And am sure to wash, dry and pit away as it will quickly rust if in water).

My new Fiestaware red bowls came!

  • Without realizing the ramifications, my Husband and I, after a dinner date out (staycation!) + getting our new glasses, decided to go to the grocery store in our town. At least 2 women said to me "you would think that the world is ending the way people are acting" and one said "the weather news must be in with the grocery stores".... where I am is going to have up to 8 inches of snow. The lady, like myself, lived in Michigan and know 8 inches of snow does not kill anyone..... Our town has really good snow removal. I have never seen it so busy. This line of carts was for buying groceries and this was a *shorter* line! ... we made the best of it. Also beginning of month + cancan sale (2x year sale on canned goods). I got some more baking supplies  ❄❄❄❄🍥🍥🍥hopefully all will be well! 

Made cheesecake brownies! 

We are all ready for the storm (all our rations and batteries, candles we already have) and I hope the power stays on and that I can bake more tomorrow (last day of baking!) 

I've been struggling a bit with some worries but mainly am really excited for Christmas (please God let us go this year!) and baking always cheers me up!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Stay warm and safe.
Happy Baking; it's nearly Christmas!

Helensmamma said...

It all looks so delicious and cosy!! We can only live this moment Elizabeth,


Ann Marie

GretchenJoanna said...

I love that knife! I have a friend who makes knives and I find the art completely fascinating.

shoreacres said...

Is that top photo of cream cheese cupcakes? They certainly look like it. It's one of my favorite recipes, particularly since they freeze so well. I like to put lemon curd on top of mine. Even if they're something else, they look wonderful!

We're warming up now, and will have highs in the 40s today -- maybe even 50. After our time in the teens and twenties, that will feel tropical!

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!!!

Linda ~ they are actually a Swedish thumbprint cookie! (the jam overflowed a bit). Cream cheese cupcakes sound wonderful though - would love the recipe if it's easy to share :) <3

Mat Anna said...

Everything looks lovely! I’m really hoping you will be able to get to church for Christmas this year. I hope the infrastructure will be a little back to normal by then so you’re not prevented.

The mention of cream cheese cupcakes reminds me of the easy mini-cheesecakes I have made. So, so simple. I need to figure out a low-carb version.

Lisa said...

Well, the storm is over where I am, but it's still quite windy. We never lose power, but it did go off for about a minute this afternoon when I had a chicken in the crockpot, sweet potatoes in the oven and laundry in the washer. But, thank God, it came back on. It's hard to tell how much snow we have because of the drifting, but it's at least eight inches.

I wish you well during the storm, Elizabeth!