Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tuesday, wet with sunshine peeking through

*see adaptations below

Today felt like I was spinning my wheels a bit,
trying to get something accomplished but unsure if I really did.
Well, I did take a walk, I did laundry, talked to my quilting-friend,
did some reading, prayers, lit lampadas and candles,
I began a book order and ordered more candles for this coming year...
I looked at my new cookbook and chose a meal to make from it
and ordered the food for it*
We were planning on having pizza tonight... come 5 PM 
I went to make it (pre-made crust and all) ... and I realized that
I had  never taken the crust out of our freezer in the garage!
Knowing that my Husband was coming home already and
that it would take too long to try to quickly thaw the crust,
I switched gears and got out organic applegate chicken strips instead!
I never had finished the cheese pasta from the other day,
so we finished that, with left over rice, chicken and salad.
And that was that. 
It was funny that I plum forgot to get the crust out of
the freezer; never gave it a thought!
Well, we had a nice dinner and I am listening to calming music...
Here's Thursday's meal info:
*Adaptions will include using chicken broth for water, cooked Turkey, and milk + 
some heavy cream as I don't have light cream. 
Also using St Andre cheese instead of the Saint-Marcellin. 
(As per what my grocery delivery service carries!) ... 
I am thinking of using my oval Dutch oven stove top for this... 
(since I am not using raw turkey I think the using chicken broth for water 
will be better as I won't have any meat-juices otherwise)...
updated to add music I was listening to earlier... :)


Lisa Richards said...

I love Gregorian chants! I'll listen to more of that later. Thanks! :) God bless!

karen said...

I frequently forget a key ingredient or step that messes up what I am making. So pizza is tomorrow!!

Alin Badea-Mic said...

from where do you get your candles? are those bee wax candle? thanks, Carmen

elizabeth said...

welcome Lisa!

Karen, yep! me too!

Carmen, I have a white candle (a pillar candle) from a friend. The beeswax ones are from Orthodox monasteries.