Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday, blessing and light + new Turkey Cream Pasta

A good day today!
Lit a candle early for a dear friend whose kids are sick + 
all Moms with sick kiddos; it was a big blessed candle
and clearly can be for specific and general prayers :) 
I finally made the Turkey cream Pasta from the One Pot Pasta. 
So I doubled everything but the peas.
I was worried about the liquid part of this meal, as the instructions said
only 3/4 cm left at end before it sets for 5 minutes.
It took a good while to boil, which I don't know if it was supposed to boil or not,
I had it at a higher temperature than medium as I was short on time and 
had doubled the recipe.
In the end, I cooked it longer on stove than 15 minutes.  More like closer to 25-30 minutes 
I am guessing.  I could of stopped earlier.
The cream was all lapped up by the pasta that continued to cook.
Next time less time!  
It needs salt and less cooking time as the peas got quick cooked.
For sure I can add more scallion/green onions - a whole bunch would have been fine,
I had used about 4 stalks, which was double the amount called for..
For reheating it, I baked it at 425F in toaster oven,
with more scallions and some grated gouda on top.
I think having a Parmesan cheese may be a really good addition here,
perhaps halve the more creamy cheese. 
I think for reheating by baking, adding french fried onions on top
would not be a bad edition.
I was really glad to try this and I think would do some variations,
like adding Parmesan cheese, and perhaps towards the end of the 
cooking instead of all together.
Perhaps the scallions towards the end as well.
But it was super cool to see that you can have the pasta cook
in the same pot at the same time.
This cookbook calls for layering the food in a certain order.  I am not sure why,
as the food all gets mixed in once the liquid (I can see that for 
sure needing to be *last*) is added and heat turned on,
they all is stirred up!
I am pleased with this recipe and look forward to trying more
and changing things up as I understand this way of cooking more!
By doubling it, I made a very large amount
and I think it would freeze OK.
This is fast-free week though so no freezing necessary! 
I made this in the morning.
I had an errand to run and then went to the mall,
where I got 2 simple long-sleeved crew neck tops.
A friend is hoping to come over tomorrow,
if possible.
I am grateful for this day.
And the unbloggable prayer request that I had in mind
yesterday is A-OK too! :)
God bless and help us all! 


Tracy said...

Glad you had a good day, Elizabeth and that prayers lifted you--hooray! God is GOOD! LOVELY with the early candle burning with prayers. :) And how LOVELY is your tea tray all laden with delights! The turkey recipe has a lot of potential, and looks delicious. We don't often buy turkey, but chicken could probably be used too...mmm... Wishing you a blessed new week now! With LOVE, In Christ--Tracy OXOX

Elizabethd said...

I think you are right, the peas don't need that amount of cooking. I put mine in at the last minute.

Mat Anna said...

Oh my, that looks good! I’m hungry just sitting here! (And I love how it looks in the red bowls.)

As a mom with some sick kids, I appreciate the candle!

Lilly's Mom said...

Reading your blog this morning is a wonderful start to my day. The pasta you made looks so yummy! I'm happy for you that all is going well. I'll keep my prayers going. Hugs, little granddaughter is ill so the candle was very meaningful.

Lisa said...

So many recipes do not turn out as the recipe says!