Sunday, January 21, 2018

Yesterday, Today and a look towards next week....

I had a really nice Saturday,
one of those rare mornings when I wake up,
realize it is Saturday and that today I can actually have some rest
and my Husband will be home!
It was so nice.... and I finally got one of my hot baths for once.
And had some fun time having teas and finally, ironically, re-found my new
Judith Jones cookbook, which we were making sure was bed-bug free...
and it has gotten lost in the back of our kitchen freezer, LOL! 
Sunday we were at our far-away church and it was so nice 
and we have a visiting priest who is Romanian and I am just loving
hearing him pray prayers... he's a real joy to have serve along with our
parish priest!
Tonight we watched a Walton's episode, enjoyed leftovers!
We had a walk today too when we got home from church!
Well, this week includes house cleaning,
a NYC Thursday trip, DV, and house blessing this coming
Sunday evening!


Tracy said...

Sooo much deliciousness served up on your table, Elizabeth! Always so much enjoy the food and tablescapes you share. And love sharing about your times at church. :) God bless you much this new week! ((HUGS))

GretchenJoanna said...

That is so funny about finding your cookbook in the freezer! A walk in the wintry air sounds lovely right about now. :-)

Mat Anna said...

Peekaboo, Cleo!

Enjoy your new(ish) cookbook, lol!

Lilly's Mom said...

Sounds like you are having the perfect weekend. I had a good laugh re your new cookbook! And, thank you so much for the helpful comment you left on my blog. Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs, Pat

Lisa Richards said...

I have a whole tote full of books in my daughter's unheated barn for the same reason you put yours in the freezer. Making sure no bedbugs followed me from my old apartment. With all the very sub-zero weather we've had I think we'll be safe to bring them indoors in the spring, lol.
Hope your weekend was restful!

Gloriade said...

A comforting cup of tea from a beautiful pot, a simple meal lovingly prepared and presented, a time of worship and a peaceful walk through a lovely neighborhood. You did indeed have a good yesterday and today. Blessings Elizabeth.