Tuesday, January 09, 2018

On the Second Day of Christmas...

I had leftover fish curry with homestyle noodles for breakfast!
After not sleeping well and not feeling the best
(like I had a cold but it was just in my chest, leaving me a bit
breathless...), I knew I needed a really good breakfast!
I had the beloved 'witte truffe' tea (white truffel) bought on
our trip to Holland a year ago last fall, this tea being from
It's one of the best smelling teas we have ever had
and is a lovely tea to enjoy with milk!
My Husband had the day off and we did some cleaning in the morning,
we had to get the snow and dirt out of the window sills from last week's 
snow storm and I cleaned up a lot of dishes and other things.
I was really tired so napped a bit in the afternoon.
We had my favourite 2nd day of Christmas takeout
of short beef ribs, herbed mashed garlic potatoes and burnt Brussel sprouts 
and a mango glazed chicken!
We opened gifts we were given on Christmas, 
wow, were we given a lot of nice things!
Teas, chocolates, a lotion to be put on dry skin with warm socks,
soaps, lotions, a made in Italy pasta, homemade caramel, honey,
Little House on the Prairie DVDs, journals, a cute bag, bandana, 
great new writing pens, a new tea towel, a tiny bottle of maple syrup, stroopwafels...
my Husband gave me The Yellow Room: Love Poems by Donald Hall...
(I had gotten this at the Strand sometime back and we saved it for Christmas!)
so many nice things for Christmas! 
We listened to Christmas music throughout the day and enjoyed 
various cups of tea... we also read some Christmas cards
and enjoyed a card that came that day with a handwritten letter.
A good letter is real gift and we were so grateful for this one!
I still have some unbloggable worries going on,
trying to continue to trust God and take all to Him in prayer.
We are so blessed and I am so thankful...


Lisa Richards said...

Sounds like a lovely day and, yes, lots of lovely gifts!
Will pray about your unbloggable need.
Your photos are always so pretty!

Lisa said...

Did you put red and green in your mashed potatoes? How cute is that!! I wish I could remember that for next year, but I can't count on it. But Cleo can always be counted on to sit on the back of the dining room chairs! :) Christmas is everything wonderful, and I wish you a very happy one!

Tracy said...

Goodness...sooo much wonderful food, tea, treats, gifts and much more! Very happy your Christmas has be blessed with so much good, dear Elizabeth! How lovely is that little tea pot ornament! And those sock a treat for winter feet! Thinking of you and praying for you while you still have much on your heart, mind, and prayers... ((HUGS))