Monday, January 01, 2018

First Day of the New Year, 2018 ~ seven things

1. Liturgy in AM locally for St Basil and the Circumcision of Christ...
and St Tikhon was still there too... so special! It's like that when
you met another Saint who can be a patron in prayer for you!
2. Candle-desk Man picked up for liturgy. It was also his 86th birthday,
and 48 years of service in the Church. It was touching to see how
our Choir Director and Matushka greeted him warmly on his birthday
and how our local Priest honoured him at the end, 
mentioning his years of service, his birthday, of how others are helping 
him serve now (including various ones of us giving him rides to church), 
and that he hoped others would learn from him.
They took him out for his birthday and Mr Husband and I 
scurried home to get ready to go out to a Chinese Resturant for a meal
with his colleague who moved to China 1.5 years ago and was in town 
for the Holidays.  It was a really fun meal, as you can see :) 
3. Home again, we took a quick walk.  I was so tired 
(up late last night, out from 8:30-4:30 PM) and it was so cold 
(9F when we drove to church, 18F when we got out of Church) 
that I took a quick cozy warm nap under blankets before preparing 
(leftovers!) for dinner. 
4. We watched a Walton's episode and prayed.
5. I have finished some paperwork tonight after this
6. I am dreaming of the 12 days of Christmas and having some time to 
sit and relax and read my new used Josephine Tey omnibus! 
7. I am getting lots of books for Christmas (and my birthday!) and
am looking forward to reading...


Tracy said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Elizabeth! So good to catch up with you. Such LOVELY images you share... And such beautiful food... yum! I'm having a fasting/prayer days this week, so all food is looking extras good... LOL! ;)

Lisa Richards said...

The nap sounds especially nice! Thanks for sharing your busy day!