Tuesday, January 09, 2018

On the third day of Christmas....

Mr Husband was back at work, after many days of vacation...
I missed him but was able to get some things done 
and phone calls in too...
I talked to my sister-friend today which was so very nice.
And my godson too!
I enjoyed more teas today and using pretty dishes.
I am loving having leftovers and not having to cook that much.
I defrosted 2 desserts today and that was really fun.
I have plans for various things for the next days and hope to have 
a small Christmas lunch this Saturday!
I hope this blog post finds you readers doing well and under 
God's mercy, comfort and protection! 


Tracy said...

Such festive times... so glad you're having a lovely Christmas, Elizabeth! :))) LOVE your Christmas dishes too... and all the yummy food...mmm... God Bless you these days of feasting and celebration! ((HUGS))

Juliana said...

That Soviet Cooking book is so good! I enjoyed it so much. I hope you love it too!!

Lisa said...

I've been drinking chocolate mint tea - Harney & Sons. Very smooth and enjoyable! And last year I loved the Stash Christmas in Paris, but after a while I think it relaxed me too much. :)