Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cheesefare Sunday

Blessed beginning of Lent! 
Forgive me a sinner!
We had a nice day at our local church
and then resting at home and having a nice
festive dinner and then 
watching the Waltons :).
I am hoping to make lentil soup tomorrow
and getting some cards written!
Church at night! 
I often forget the sense of joy and anticipation that 
this special day, with forgiveness vespers, 
gives!  A joy that kindles love that makes one plunge 
forward, not matter what difficulties may await us. 
May God give us a Good Lent and carry us to His Pascha! 


Tracy said...

Wishing you & your a BLESSED and BEAUTIFUL Great Lent,, my friend! The beginning of Lent is a wondrous thing really, it wakes us up... which is oftentimes just what we need. Though a penitent time, there is much joy to be found in this Lent journey! May God Bless and forgive us every step of the way to the Cross! :) ((HUGS))

Lisa Richards said...

I must confess, I know very little about the feasts and fasts of the Orthodox Church. I really need to read your page about Our Faith @ Home. But anything that glorifies Jesus is a good thing! Blessings as you follow Him! :)

Mat Anna said...

Blessed Lent!

Heather said...

What a beautiful church to go to liturgy at....that blue ceiling is the most perfect heavenly shade! Hope you have a very blessed Lent!~

Lisa said...

A blessed and fruitful Lent to you, Elizabeth. +++