Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday ~ I saw my Aunt today

I saw my Aunt today, she was more ill than we realized.
I knew we could of lost her a few weeks ago, but now
I understand even more how miraculous that she is still with us
and at home, where she is very happy to be. 
She still has a long road ahead of her and no 
one knows what will be down that road but we do know one thing, 
Christ will be there waiting for her, 
just as He is here with her now.
My Aunt recently found a Nancy Drew book that she had as a child
and she gave it to me; it is in good condition with a dust jacket and is very lovely.
I read it this afternoon after my walk.
I love the old vintage YA mystery books, they were full of a hardy innocence,
a sense of fun and a naturally lived purity that I just enjoy so much. 
It was a nice jaunt down memory lane and a shining example of
courage, friendship, naturalness of virtue and glorious clean living.
In the afternoon I took a walk in the sunshine,
down my parents road that after a bit becomes a dirt road
and it was so nice just to walk, and feel the soft dirt or stones
under my boots and just be quiet and enjoy the beauty,
and take pictures of it.
I love blue sky and drink it like water.
I am so thirsty for such natural beauty of a big blue sky,
something I can't see much of where I live in a much more
urban environment. 
I will always love the countryside and be glad to be in it.
I am praying for so many things right now.
I am glad for quiet moments and for the hope we have in Christ.


Mat Anna said...

I’m glad you’re having a refreshing visit home. Prayers for your aunt. ❤️

shoreacres said...

You saw your aunt (and I'm so glad for her continuing recovery!) and I see my childhood and youth in your photos. That's the landscape I grew up in, with some very slight differences. Even the Nancy Drew book brought back memories. I must have read every book in that series, multiple times. Those were good years.

Lisa Richards said...

I can see from your photos that you have been missing big skies! I've never seen you in such a rural setting. I see a turkey barn? I live in a very rural area and feel very blessed. Vintage books are a treat with their much more positive outlook on life.
Praying that your aunt feels the nearness of Jesus as she journeys on from here. God bless!

elizabeth said...

Mat Anna, thank you!!!

Linda @ Shoreacres ~ Thanks!!! Nice that you also grew up in the countryside! I loved Nancy Drew too!

Lisa ~ yes, I grew up in Western MI in the countryside!!! You know, I don't know what the barns have.... Yes, the vintage books are such a treat, such wholesomeness!!! Thank you so much for your prayers! My Aunt said she feels carried by prayers!

Tracy said...

Such BEAUITFUL images , Elizabeth! Love the quiet corner with that lovely little desk, and those BIG mid-west American skies! So glad you have this time with your family, and especially your Aunt... that there are joys to share amidst the sorrow and hardship. GOD BLESS ypu all extra much right now!! ((HUGS)) P.S, I remeber reading some Nancy Drew books from the school library when I was young... hadn't thought of thise in ages until seeing this book you've been given! :)))