Tuesday, February 20, 2018

First Tuesday of Lent, Reading, Cleaning, book buying + unpacking, Canon of St Andrew

Did I mention that I got this book recently?
It's been really informative; I did not get the link
between dogma and how it translates into lived experience; 
how right dogma (doctrine/ideas about God) creates right culture/living.
Makes perfect sense, I just did not frame the idea in this way,
thought I have been pondering this topic 
(of how we are where we are today/in history) for years.
This book is a bunch of things on many topics, including kids/child-rearing.
I love books like that, wide-ranging.
I've been thinking over and over today
dogma = right living and such thoughts.  Ortho-nerdy fun at it's best ;)
I got to do more reading today. 
It was SO NICE.
Uninterrupted quiet reading on the futon in our library/chapel with
time to make notes, look over past notes (I write a lot of quotes from books
I am reading esp that I want to write about) and making notes for DV
future essays that I want to write. 
I have not had a lot of chance for such a time and I really deeply 
appreciated having it today.

I love this plant that a friend gave me this summer...

Books for church bookstore! New Rome Press! 
That was a heavy box to carry up 2 flights of stairs! 
I was out of breath, I admit!

And under 10 minutes of my opening the box of books,
there was Cleo exploring the newly emptied box!

These 2 new books are WONDERFUL, cool and the St Paisios book very BEAUTIFUL.
My godkids often get books from me and I was so excited to see these 2!!! 

Church tonight.
I was really glad to be there.
Was tired tonight so I sat some.
But that's cool. 
I have been learning to not push myself into sickness
and am trying my best there.
Speaking of that, I need to get on to sleep for the night! 
May God bless, protect and heal us all!


Lilly's Mom said...

It's so calming to read your blog during this Lenten season. I enjoyed seeing all your new books. I've just begun reading Beginning to Pray by Fr Anthony Bloom. You are such an inspiration to all of us.Sending you my best wishes, Pat xx

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much Pat for your encouragement! I love Met. Anthony Bloom very much! ♡

Lisa Richards said...

Food, books and a kitty in a box. What could be better? Enjoy your reading!

Lisa said...