Friday, February 17, 2017

Lemon Pie + Cranberry Orange Cake for +Patrick's Mercy Meal

It was so nice to spend the morning cutting up the lemon,
as paper-thin as I could, skins and all... used meyer lemons!
The afternoon was the second lemon pie and two double batches of
Cranberry Orange Bread.
Total Count for Patrick's Mercy Meal Desserts (+possible gifts of cake etc):
2 9x13 Pans Chocolate Mint Brownies
3 Grapefruit Pound Cakes (unglazed)
2 Lemon Pies
1 Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake (with orange glaze/icing)
8 mini-loaves of Cranberry Orange Cake 
Earlier in the week I made 8 mini-loaves of Koek for memorial gifts.
Neat trick for the second lemon pie:
I used a smaller Spring-Form Pan and knew that the 
lemon-egg-sugar filling would possibly need extra baking time,
since it was more condensed as opposed to spread out in a tart pan.
My good friend A., who is the Mother of my godson L, 
told me to use my instant read thermometer as I was basically
baking lemon-curd in a pie (as the recipe itself says!) and 
Lemon-curd is ready at 170F... so that's what I did and I am excited to 
see how this pie turns out!
it was the first time using my nice digital scale that I got 
late last year; I am very pleased with it and esp. that I can 
measure in both lbs or kgs.
I also bought this super cute 
that Mr Husband said I can have as my 
Pascha Present this year!
I feel like it is also in memory of +Patrick
as I discovered it while baking my cakes today...
The main thing is that I need to remember to grease the pan first...
my friend M. finds that the spray coconut oil works well!
My Husband is still weak,
I don't really do NJ highways, so we are going to cab it to 
church tomorrow for +Patrick's funeral liturgy.
I have lunches packed for us and will make tea for myself to take along
for me + water bottles for both of us.
I listened to 2 (older) requiems today + an Orthodox CD called
Candles + lampada were lit throughout the day,
including a big blessed candle.
I got some encouraging emails and am grateful for the support
we have been given. 
Lord have mercy on us all!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Oh, I <3 lemons in every shape and form.

Juliana said...

Looks great! I'm so glad you were able to do all that for the mercy meal. I was hoping to make the funeral this morning, but we are passing something around the family, and I and several of the kids are down for the count today. Hopefully we will be well enough for church tomorrow.

+memory eternal!

Lilly's Mom said...

Your baking looks fabulous. I'm sure it will be most appreciated at the service. May your dear warden's memory be eternal. Praying for you, Pat xx

Nancy said...

It's a good work done with great love. What a blessing to share with your parish in this time of sorrow. I hope that you and Mr Husband don't tire yourselves out too much and are able to get some rest after. Memory eternal!

GretchenJoanna said...

I am worn out just reading about your baking marathon! What a good work, and your joy in it is contagious. Everything looks delicious, too! God bless you!

Memory Eternal!