Monday, February 27, 2017

Clean Monday

I love this icon so much, 
with the Lord's face looking out so beautifully
and with so much love.
A lot of cleaning was done at home today,
I now have piles of clean laundry to fold.
Mr. Husband was at work today.
He has a lot of work stress, please pray for him.
I made a green smoothie.
We went to church and this is where I saw this 
beautiful icon...
I often feel that our priest here, locally, loves Lent over
any other time and it is wonderful, this first week of Lent,
and going to the Canon of St Andrew of Crete.
I am so grateful to be given another Lent.
This is my 5th Lent here already in New Jersey.
How fast time goes by.
I can see how much more settled I am now,
I am not a newly married woman now, just having left her
beloved Ottawa.... I still miss Ottawa of course, this is not 
questioned, but I have enough years here to have a
sense of rhythm of the church year here,
of going to the Canon here and knowing what to expect,
what the choir sounds like here (beautiful) and I feel more
settled, I no longer think with as much pain about how my life in Ottawa
was or what the church services there are like; 
now it is more that what my Husband's spiritual father said is true:
I was not leaving my church family in Ottawa,
I was merely expanding my church family... 
We are in the midst of the biggest challenges we have faced as a married 
couple, to this point anyway, and while it is hard at times,
I am also feeling a gladness in the midst of it,
and for this I am so grateful....
I have begun writing a longer essay about something I am 
pondering about how God is our security and comfort...
For now, I will just say that my heart is being
comforted as I mourn
and ponder so many things... 
Dear Patrick, your life held so much beauty and now
we have the opportunity to have new spiritual beauty in our lives
because of your passing, because of the grief, 
because of seeing your life on earth in a whole,
and remembering the many wonderful years you had,
and the vibrancy by which you lived...

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Tracy said...

Oh, that icon is of our Lord is incredibly beautiful! The tenderness of it--it makes my heart sing. :) We were doing some cleaning and tidy up here this past Saturday, in readiness of Lent. Our Lent begins tomorrow, in the Roman Rite, from Ash Wednesday. I'm very much looking forward to going to Mass tomorrow evening! It is wonderful to hear of how your are finding your home there in NJ and America. Being a transplant myself, I understand the struggles. And my husband & I had a really difficult year last year, as you know. As long as we keep the love shining--giving and receiving--we can tackle so much together. And I'm sure that is what you & your husband are understanding too during this difficult time. Love heals so much! :) Thank you for sharing your insights along the way here. And thank you, too, for your very lovely and kind comment at my place yesterday. Aging is a interesting journey, and even the small side trips--like greying hair--are tough to navigate. ;) Thanks for the support and cheer! God Bless you & yours as we journey through Lent ((HUGS))