Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Wednesday ~ almost foot loose and fancy free

I slept until 8 AM, knowing that I wanted to go to sewing group,
I woke but was so tired, I despaired going, but I
put on prayerful music, put the kettle on, choose 
a simple Trader Joes Chai Tea (I do enjoy that one!),
milk in the creamer (fast free Wednesday!),
granola and yogurt for breakfast.
I revived, made a phone call for the elderly gentleman,
got some information only to find out he already had it....
he really needs an apartment and it is slow in coming so far.
I went to sewing group! 
Got the quilt block of the month, fabric, etc.
Then I went to a nearby to the sewing group grocery store
that I remembered having cranberries and they did!
Fresh ones!!! 
I admit to stocking up on them... I love cooking and baking 
with cranberries.... I also know that I have a tendency
to stock pile when I am worried...
It's a real struggle for me, 
I read on social media that there has been studies showing that stress of
one's Grandmother can impact the Granddaughter and I know
my family on one side went through the Great Depression and
my Oma lived through WWII with my Opa in hiding for a good part of it.
My Dad commented how for sure Oma went without meat
so she could feed her then 7 children...
(My Mom was born after WWII). 
Anyway, I am very much like one who has survived
hardship like that; I think that I went through a period in 
Ottawa where I did not know how to pay rent for about 3 months and 
then had unstable income for another 5 months 
also impacted me.
I know it is a problem, or could be seen as one,
but on the other hand, I just love 
knowing that I have much on hand for preparing food, tea and baked goods;
I even had a hieromonk (that means priest-monk) once say it is really good for me to have 
baked goods on hand for when someone comes to tea...
In part I feel like I am doing my job as a wife to have supplies on hand,
and to make things that can help my Husband and bless others...
Anyway, it hard for me to discern what is best,
but boy do I appreciate my pantry.
I know it is all God's and I really love sharing it...
I get such joy in things like cranberries or the hope of 
later making my first lemon pie...
So, Mr Husband went out to lunch and had steak,
mine on a thick toasted bread and Husband's with a salad;
he choose fries and I chose a salad as a side
and there were mussels in a tomato gravy!
So delicious!
We had the leftovers for dinner, 
with an addition of green salad and a fruit salad...
I had one chocolate truffle today and 
really savoured the flavours...
I made chicken stock/bone broth!
Have lots of it now!
So grateful!
I had it in my crock pot for 24 hours on low,
with chicken meat + innards, chicken bones and a bit of
chicken skin also... with at least 3 cloves of garlic, chopped,
ginger peeled, chopped, and one big onion chopped in smallish pieces.
I am hoping to keep feeding my Husband
with bone broths and am so glad to have this...
So, today was better, thank God.
I am a bit worried about when Mr Husband returns to work,
the stress + exhaustion of it for him... 
I am so grateful for all of God's blessings,
and that we are blessed beyond measure in terms of 
food and tea provisions! :)
I am hoping for everyone to stay safe, that power stays on,
and that I can get some pictures... :) Esp. as the snow
won't last since we live in NJ and weather never stays the same.
Don't like it? wait a day! is what they say here! 
For instance today was 64F, I did not even use my coat! 
Only a warmish blazer! 
Thank you everyone for your kind comments on yesterday's post
and in emails... I am really encouraged by them. 


Elizabethd said...

There is nothing so good as a slow cooked chicken stock. I often make it, adding onion , thyme and a bayleaf. Then freeze it in blocks, so useful.
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. It means a lot to me to know that people are praying for my husband.

GretchenJoanna said...

Glory to God for bone broth - and for steak! I cooked a steak just this morning. I bet it did your husband good, strengthening him along with the broth and all the other good things you feed him. Not to mention your loving affection and prayers <3

Your tulips get prettier by the day!

Tracy said...

GORGEOUS tulips!! Pink flowers are my favorites, and so are pink tulip. These you have are so lovely! We had a variety similar in our garden...can't wait for spring! Such a good lunch... and delicious bone broth. I do mine in the Crock Pot too. I've been making bone broth more often, finding it very beneficial in so many ways--including my skin! I have VERY, very dry skin, and the broth seems to help. I know, vanity... :/ Cranberries... I miss fresh cranberries over here sometimes. There is a berry similar, but not quite the same. Such a joy--your stories shared. :) Be taking good care there, all of you--creatures great and small. Wellness wishes, In Christ ((HUGS))

karen said...

you sound happy :) I love when a dinner or lunch feeds for two meals, I feel like I get my money's worth then. We have lean times at the beginning of our marriage and it still affects how we spend! Lessons learned.