Monday, February 20, 2017

Making Room for Lent

Today, for me, was a bit of a whirlwind.
I baked so much last week,
my house was in a bit of shambles.
I don't regret the work I did, and it was a
lot of work... it was a blessing to do...
but it meant that my Christmas ornaments were in boxes
but not yet in closet and my kitchen was a bit upended, with so many
platters, tart + spring form pans, 9x13 cake pans, all needed to be
washed and put away... 
I reorganized part of our walk-in closet, everything is much saner now,
laundry is almost caught up.
And I got my Lenten icons out and put the Christmas icons away.
I did a new arrangement of icons on the second buffet we have, and I am 
really pleased with them... 
warm and comfort, as if standing by this makes me feel like 
the dearest of friends who protect are right there by me...
I am really hoping to get back in a better reading-prayer schedule again.
It's been pretty impossible to do, with Mr Husband and I's illness,
helping Mr Husband for 5 weeks, then +Patrick's quick decline and 
falling asleep in the Lord.
It was so quick; we are still reeling from it; my Husband is one of 
the main people to help in the aftermath of Patrick's passing,
we are thinking of him a lot and praying... 
It's funny, I did not feel ready to give up meat for Lent yet,
yesterday but now it seems OK and I feel more ready.
Easing into it with this being Butterweek...
one more week of milk in my tea!
I am hoping that this Lent will at least be one of physical health
and that I can work on regaining what I had lost...
Well, one day at a time.
And as the Lord's Prayer/Our Father says:
Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
We may never know how times of sickness and trial are 
putting into us not only a grain of spiritual health but the ability to
handle life that will be ours to live through later. 
Lord have mercy on us! 


Tracy said...

Dear Elizabeth! Blessing to you these days in preparation of Lent! I pray it will be a healing time for you, and your husband too. Your Icon corner is lovely. Lent seems to have come upon us so quickly this year. This week I've been making lists for Lenten menus, activities, etc... and I'm very much hoping too, for Lent to be a time for more prayer, spiritual reading and reflection. Lent is such a beautiful season! :) ((HUGS))

Pom Pom said...

I'm looking forward to Lent. It seems a bit different every year. I'm glad you're feeling "put back together". God be with you, good Elizabeth.

Gloriade said...

Good Morning Elizabeth,

Finally a moment to say that I have been thinking of you these past couple of weeks as you have made your way through illness,loss and the celebration of a friend's life well lived. So grateful for the knowledge of grace and hope through our Lord. Being on the road truthfully, I have not thought much about Lent. Thank you for the reminder. Blessings to you and your dear husband.

karen said...

it feels like lent came a little to fast but I guess not really. I love the way the house feels when the Christmas decorations are put away, so clean and wide and fresh.