Thursday, February 02, 2017

Yesterday, Today and Hope for Tomorrow

Last night I made Elderberry Syrup before going to vespers for
The Syrup is very much liquid, so I am wondering if I should of 
reduced it further... but now it has the honey in it, so I will just leave it.
Boy is it sweet! 
I am going to be trying different things for 
strength and immune boosts...

I went to vespers by myself that night,
as Mr Husband had been to the doctor in NYC already
and needed to rest.
It was wonderful to be there... 

I went to the store after vespers,
it's just down the street from church.
I got ingredients for this soup...
I may research more recipes for this...

I have fun sometimes just looking at tea ingredients,
without buying the tea! 
Of course I am also seeing how I can make the tea
at home with what I have...since I have a well stocked pantry! 

It was wonderful to be at Church again,
this time with Mr Husband...

Afterwards we went to the middle eastern restaurant again, 
where we had lunch...

I got this hand blender in the mail today!
I have hopes to use it for soups, smoothies and more!

We had a good friend over for tea!
Mr. Husband and I really enjoyed our conversation!
And I love having tea all ready! :)

We had left overs for dinner,
and clementines and the very last of my Grandma's date bread.
I called her this week and she said that the recipe for it was her
Mother's recipe and promised me she would mail a copy to me...
I am really looking forward to this!
We don't yet know when Mr Husband will be strong enough to return 
to work, but I am already beginning to think about that.
I am really hoping we can regain our health and strength...
and I am seeing the need for myself to get out more,
once he is back to work.
It is such a tricky balance for me...I have a lot to do at home,
from keeping house, baking, reading, writing, researching...
I think I need to figure out ways to do this (the last part)
outside of the house, so that I have more interactions with people.
I had ideas for this before, with a few possible
libraries in NYC, but I was researching this in July, and we had such a busy
fall - we traveled by plane 4 times from Labour Day - Western Christmas.
It was partly just how it happened, this particular year.
This new year we are hoping to stay home a LOT more,
and REST.  Anyway, all that to say, that I have not had time really to 
try to figure out other places for me to be during the week
and all the travel made it impossible to figure out.
I really long to have a more predictable schedule. 
To have at home days and away/social days.
To have time to do the home-tasks and have time for other things, 
like quilting, knitting, reading, writing, baking...
It's been a challenge for me to try to create this in part because we have
really been traveling so much, last year...
Mr Husband still has his cold, though he had a bit more energy today.
We keep trying to figure out ways to help him.
We live in hope and we keep praying... 


ann lynagh said...

Can you get "Sambucol" in the USA?its a supplement,possibly elderflower.I find it very helpful.
I have a "going out"day where I meet friends and just get out of the house.You are right in thinking how valuable a routine can be.

Very warm regards

Ann Marie

ann lynagh said...

Sambucol is indeed elderberry and has been cited in academic journals.So you are on the right track with your syrup!

Ann Marie

Tracy said...

Oooo... that Elderberry Syrup looks delicious! The color alone is gorgeous. I've not made anything like that before, a syrup like that. Sadly, I wasn't able to get to church last evening for the Feast Day. But so happy to see that you did... and how BEAUTIFUL these images from your church! It's always a pleasure to see what you're cooking and eating. A hand/stick blender is great to have, and makes short work of blitzing up a soup or other. Like you, I am a homemaker too, and I do that part of my life. But I am seeing that I could do with a small something, even just once a week, outside of the home and that is just for me. I have some ideas brewing, and our local library has some activities that might be possibilities... So maybe we both will find some new things to balance things out! :) Best well wishes for your dear husband... and that you keep well now too! Happy Weekend ((HUGS)) P.S. I finally was able to post a new photo of our sweet new kitty-cat, Luna... she is so camera shy, but she is easing in shyness in general and not hiding behind the sofa now... LOL! She's a sweet, brave girl and trusting us more each's been a grand week with her!

Elizabethd said...

I use a blender like yours for soup making. I've just made a gallon of Leek and potato soup ready for my husband coming home from hospital soon.