Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday ~ Taking the good with the bad ~ a relapse has happened...

My Husband woke up looking and sounding worse.
It pretty much was 'official'... after a month of flu,
then substantial needing lots of medicine respiratory illness,
my poor sweet Husband, who was feeling a lot better towards
the end of last week, has a cold... 
We were both very tired this morning and napped...
I made lunch and was so happy to make a new pot
of Chicken Bone Broth for my ailing husband...
it was humming away and smelling up the house so nicely,
but then later it changed and I did not think right away
what and why and by the time I did,
the water had boiled out and it was in the beginning stages of burn...
I immediately turned off the burner and poured water into my poor
pretty red pot and the water turned smokey black...
I was fortunate that it was not smoking when I opened the pot!
Later I called my Mother and told her about it
and she commented that once Oma (her Mom) 
almost burnt the house on Railroad Street down.
I must tell you the story so that it is not forgotten... 
My Oma, even back then, cleaned houses for others...
my Mom was probably in grade 8 and her old brother,
my Uncle H, was in grade 10.
My Oma was cooking soup bones on the stove
when she left to go clean house,
not realizing that the burner was set on 'High' instead of 
on 'Low', and when my Uncle H came back from school,
the smoke was so dense that he could not get to the phone 
that was in the hallway past the kitchen...
he had to go to the neighbours house to call the fire department.
The pot, a thick aluminum one was from Holland,
where my Mom and her family had immigrated from probably about 14 years
before this time, and the pot was burned though, the bottom of it
being totally gone.  The cupboards were scorched, the kitchen had 
to be repainted and my Mom's lunch, the next day,
when she opened it, smoke came right out of the bag,
right there at school, and she had to throw her lunch away,
it was so damaged!
Thank God that the house did not burn down.
My Oma must of been so distressed by this,
as I know her to be a very careful woman and she was probably
very distracted that morning, maybe running late or something
worrying her. She had 8 children and I am sure always had much
to think about and even more to do... 
Anyway, there's the story and my Mom comforted me,
that it could of been much worse.
I will have to be more careful when making broth and not put the 
temperature so that I can here it cooking but be careful to have a much lower
simmer.... lesson learned
and I am so THANKFUL that my beautiful red rooster pot is still OK...!
My Husband and I were talking about that pot as we drove our
now fixed car (battery went, taking the alternator with it), how
we find that pot so beautiful, my Husband esp. loves the rooster on it,
as do I... we got it at 65% off about 2 years ago and I am so glad that
I did not ruin it, as it would be costly to replace at full price!!! 
So thank God for that!
So my Husband had a online consult with a doctor this morning
who told him to monitor his temperature and breathing. 
By tonight he had an elevated temperature, just over 100F.
So he called our medical place again and now will see
the doctor tomorrow.
He's quite unwell, the main thing we are hoping and praying for 
is that this cold stays in his head and does not descend into his lungs.
So tonight, after I cleaned up while Mr Husband did prayers early,
and then we did what we call 'prayers for our marriage' and he had
tea ready for him and we did the oils for respiratory health...
and then I finally had time to read quietly the 
much loved Akathist to Saint Luke the Surgeon...
Tonight we talked again about how we must seek
to be thankful to God for all things and if we are,
then we can still have the joy that God brings,
our heart can still have lightness...
I forget sometimes and feel discouraged and dismayed,
but God is our Father, He loves us and will take care of us...
and we have so many many things to be thankful for!


ann lynagh said...

O no Elizabeth! Sorry your dear husband has a cold:these colds sneak in when we are convalescent.I once neglected a cold,led to pneumonia.I learned you have to rest,then rest more and more.I echo your previous post about coping with illness less well as we age.I find things hit me hard at 59 years old!

Sending prayers for peace and wellness,

Ann Marie

Nancy McCarroll said...

Your gratitude is something.to be thankful for, also. And I am so happy Mr. Rooster pot was not damaged.

Poor Oma.

My husband was in the hospital three days with what sounds like the same bug attacking your husband. If as finally diagnosed as community acquired pneumonia. He is home now on oxygen and doing well. Prayers for your husband.

Elizabethd said...

Our poor husbands do seem to be badly hit. Temperatures of over 100 are not good news and it is sensible that he saw his Dr.
Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Paula said...

Prayers for you both! Sure hope the cold stays in his head. I know what he's going through.

Come Away With Me said...

All prayers for your husband, and for you too.
I'm glad your lovely cooking pot was not damaged.

Mary said...

I have had a few near disasters myself like your red rooster pot story.The last time it happened i started setting timers before i leave the kitchen. I still set 2 or 3. It amazes me that when they ring i realize i had truly forgotten already. Now i'm totally timer dependent!

Mary said...

I have had a few near disasters myself like your red rooster pot story.The last time it happened i started setting timers before i leave the kitchen. I still set 2 or 3. It amazes me that when they ring i realize i had truly forgotten already. Now i'm totally timer dependent!

Emmie said...

Prayers for you and your husband. i am so sorry that he has has a relapse.