Saturday, January 14, 2017

8th day of Christmas

I was telling my Mom today
how much I was enjoying picking out 
a different tea to have 
and that I had one cup (being careful about sugar still)
of Peppermint Hot Chocolate (with milk!)
and a bit more of the chocolate covered gingerbread man...
She was glad to hear how I could have things
that are giving me joy,
in the midst of everything else.
And this morning I must add, I had Thé à La Rose,
with milk mainly.
Was lovely.
Today was very quiet.
Lots and lots of resting.
Emailing.  Party Planning. 
We hope to have a small dinner tomorrow,
and are keeping it very simple.

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Gloriade said...

Dear Elizabeth, I finally had a few minutes to see how how you spent your twelve days of Christmas, so many lovely moments even in the midst of illness, warm cups of tea, delicious chocolate, books & kitties and lovely table settings filled with delicious foods. Blessing upon blessing. I pray that you and your husband will continue to get well and your upcoming birthday party will be a joyful occasion.