Thursday, January 12, 2017

6th Day of Christmas... *and a prayer request*

A "serious" breakfast :)

I love this tea,
Witte (White) truffel (Truffle)...
it's so aromatic and lovely... 
I call it my 'dessert' tea and to me it smells like
the Holland of years ago, something that my Oma would
have had ... or that I had smelled as a child...

Had a very enjoyable lunch! And treat! White truffel tea + a chocolate truffle! 
And it was so nice to have meals again with Mr Husband...
we are so very aware of how much we love each other,
how much better it is to be sick and have the other nearby...

I went on a walk today!!!
1 whole block folks.
It was so warm, it was so good to be out...

I was given this beautiful cookie last year,
and it has stayed so well in a tin in my pantry,
DV my quilting friend and I are to enjoy it tomorrow over tea and lunch! 

Today I enjoyed this chocolate cookie treat from my sister,
a Christmas gift! 

And later I had some no-more-sugar-for-today popcorn :)


So... tomorrow my Husband is going in early to NYC to a 
doctor to see about his illness and breathing issues.
Please pray for him and that he does not go backwards in health,
as I think the trip, even by cab, will be taxing for him.
We did special prayers tonight, using St. John's oil and also
oil of these dear Romanian Saints, that Mr Husband did not even
know I had... we also did special prayers to the Mother of God
and St. Spyridon as well... 


I am doing well in birthday party organizing, I have 
lots of people helping, even so cleanup is not something I have to worry about.
What I do worry about is Mr Husband and will be sure to email 
everyone next week to remind them that if they have a cold/are ill,
to please refrain from coming because we are still
on the weaker side of things. 

I am really hoping that this party can go as planned.
We are getting some of it catered, I only have to heat up a few things in the oven,
and others are bring food or helping with clean up or set up.

It was so very hard to miss Christmas this year
and I do hope that this party,
which now has become to mean to me comfort of many I know and love
coming together to enjoy a nice meal together
and providing comfort by their presence...

I have not really seen many people since we got sick and I am 
really hoping this event can take place.
Also my friend, thank God, is coming tomorrow
and DV my Munchkin and his Mom are coming Sunday night.
We have already ordered the just-heat-in-oven food for this dinner.
Our grocery delivery service really is amazing that way.

You know what else we are loving so much right now?
Clementines! So juicy! So enjoyable! 

I have some congestion yet myself,
though I am still able to hold the fort, as it were.

Please pray for us.
We really want to get better
and I think my Husband esp. is going to take some time....

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Anonymous said...

I prayed for you and your husband today. Prayers for a full recovery. I look forward to hearing about your party. Blessings to you!