Wednesday, January 11, 2017

4th & 5th day of Christmas

The above pictures were from day 4.
It was a day of various phone calls and rest...
it's a blessing that we have such nice food to eat
via our grocery delivery service; 
I just love the chicken and mashed potatoes! 
I had a 60% cocao one square sized treat from our
tower of sweets from Mr Husband's parents,
and it was so very enjoyable,
the best chocolate I've had this week I think.
We watched a Walton's episode again and
did prayers together, ... lots of rest and trying to recover.
On to day 5...

Day 5 was another good, quiet day.
I felt good when I awoke, the sun was shining brightly and it was only 8:30 
in the morning (I had been sleeping in till close to 10! the flu will do that!)
I felt so much better, I had hopes of doing a bit more that day.
I was able to do two things extra:
I lit all the livingroom lampadas and I collapsed many boxes that I no
longer had need of. 
I also ended up taking a nap in the afternoon, I was suddenly so tired
and I was actually more congested towards evening again.
We had enjoyable meals, I had I think 6 different types of tea!
(Green, black with chili and mango, African Autumn, Ginger Lemon and Gypsy Cold Care).
It was a real drink-all-the-teas day.
Actually between gifts I have been given, teas I have bought and teas I have
made mixes of, I do have a pretty large collection of teas.
It's fun and I love having so many choices also to offer others!
I also got a new teapot lid holder/drip catcher via amazon; so far so good!
We also watched another episode of the Walton's and I made extra popcorn
so I could have some tomorrow without the fuss of making it again.
We are enjoying the very last of the pate also.
I was able to a potluck spreadsheet for help
for my belated 40th birthday party 
and that is giving me something to look forward to
as we recover.
Mr Husband is seeing the doctor on Friday,
please pray for this.
He has a long way to go yet, longer than myself I fear.
I admit I was getting a bit stir crazy earlier today,
it's been over a week since I got sick,
I am gaining but slowly and I am not well enough really to leave the house
(esp as it was so cold) and it gets a bit 'cabin fever' but not too bad.
I find that taking pictures of my day and varying things
like what treat I get that day, what teas I want to have, what I am reading,
they bring a difference into the convalescence house-bound time.
My quilting-friend DV is coming Friday to keep me company
and help me with somethings 
while Mr Husband has his appointment.
So I am looking forward to this as well.
I am finding that if I focus my mind on thanksgiving for the 
many, many blessings I have, 
then I see how good it is right now
and what a blessing it is to be with my Husband
and how wonderful a piece of chocolate or a cup of tea is.
Well, time to rest again now.
I am thankful for day 4 and 5 of the 12 days of Christmas!


Paula said...

Glad to see you are starting to feel better. It stinks to be sick over the holidays. We're slowly getting better too. Take care.

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