Wednesday, January 18, 2017

12th day of Christmas....with some encouragement!

Today was an encouraging day!
Got good news about Mr Husband... still much to do,
but serious things about breathing problems are not an issue...
A dear friend visited us and brought fresh hot sweet bread,
with chocolate from his wife, who is also
a dear friend of ours!
It was so nice to have tea and discussion with him!
I slept through the night.
The oils continue to be a help.
We are sensing the waft of recovery,
though Mr Husband is going to need more
time to recover, as he was hit particularly hard. 
Only 2 more days before my birthday party!
I was so relieved that no one else cancelled today!
We are making progress in our recovery,
I am catching up on laundry, again...
and am so very thankful...
Tomorrow is Theophany, and 
while we are not able to be 
there, we are on our way,
we hope and pray,
to recovery...
I even felt like eating salad again,
I had not felt like eating much for weeks now it 
seems and this was encouraging! 
Oh, and I bought some spearmint tea, loose,
1 lb of it actually, organic and boy! is it a big bag!
If I have time, I hope to make up some tea
wtih mint and rose petals soon...
And so the 12th day of Christmas
was a wonderful day of encouragement and 
good news! 
Christ is Born! Glorify Him!


Nancy McCarroll said...

Hope you both continue to improve. Would love to be a guest at your party. Just consider I am standing in the corner when the party begins.

karen said...

so glad you are both on the mend :)

Becki said...

How wonderful that you gave yourself a birthday party to celebrate such a milestone birthday! I'm glad you and your DH were feeling well enough to have such a wonderful meal with your friends that could come. The gifts you received are lovely and so thoughtful. I have been inspired to think of what kinds of things make truly good and personal gifts. I find this so hard. Your blog inspires me in so many ways to show hospitality and to share my life with others. Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing here.