Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The last few days

We've had a lot of nice meals,
with chicken bone broth, dinner party left overs,
soups, English muffins and boiled eggs.
I am hoping to finish my godson's quilt soon,
and am working on my second many squared blanket again. 
I've been struggling a bit with a sense of 
restlessness, I am sure because, at least in part, we have been home so much,
recovering. We are gaining more and more, so that is something to be
thankful for.... I am just wanting to feel a sense of accomplishment
about something and am having to readjust my thinking to continue to 
be thankful for the MUCH that we do have right now...
I have had a wonderful hot bath on Sunday, it was such a blessing to me.
I am reading some good books, and sure am enjoying a lot of wonderful
hot tea with milk and beautiful dishes.
I have so so much to be thankful for....
and I know that it is in being thankful and seeking God
that I can find rest...


Rachel said...

Everything looks so fancy and luxurious! The quilt looks like it's coming together so nice.

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much Rachel! that is very kind of you to say!