Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday of many blessings and hope for better

This Wednesday was a full day.
My quilting friend came for tea and lunch.
Mr. Husband goes into NYC tomorrow and prepared for that.
We worked on the binding for my godson's quilt - I hope to finish this soon!
I got a lovely belated Christmas gift (belated because we missed 
Christmas this year) of all the things I love:
Christmas ornament, tea, chocolate and a nice soap!
It was a real bright spot in the day today. 
I am still fighting a sense of restlessness ~ I think in part
because we have been convalescing so long.
I was really tired today, though I managed to do many things,
and I just want to get back to having more energy.
But I think also that the end of January is often hard.
I remember years ago in Ottawa, the snow, the muddy snow melting in 
my apartment hallway, the sense of dragging and discouragement...
But I am seeking thankfulness and God's mercy.
I was able to light the main lampadas today,
and listened to the paraklesis to the Mother of God before
my friend came over; 
I was able to get all the dishes washed;
we enjoyed mint and rose tea, a tulsi tea, lemon water,
lovely food for lunch and dinner,
and some nice dark chocolate.
A friend is coming over for tea tomorrow morning DV
and I am looking forward to using the new tea I was given
and a sweetbread from my Grandma that is waiting
to be enjoyed in the freezer. 
I hope to finish my godson's quilt and start on another 
project soon.
I have special chocolates and tea waiting,
beautiful new Christmas ornaments
and friends who send gifts of caring love.
God is good and I am seeking to be thankful for 
the many many blessings I have in my life!


Rachel said...

Your tables are always so lovely!

Lilly's Mom said...

You have shared such lovely things today to brighten a January winter day. I'm sending you warm sunshine and get well wishes from southern California. Lent will soon be upon us and you'll hopefully enjoy the blessed feast of Pascha this year in good health. Take care, Pat xx