Thursday, January 26, 2017


We have seen progress today!
Mr Husband made it to NYC and back
and he was not so deeply exhausted as he was last time.
We will see how things are tomorrow, however.
I lit all the lampadas for a friend who was having surgery
and did a quick card for my Aunt K how is having a 
pretty big surgery, with a few days in hospital afterwards
this coming Monday.
I do ask your prayers.
I made a chicken broth from the left over chicken 
(some meat, bones, skin + just over half an onion, a large piece of ginger
chopped and 2 chopped garlic cloves and filtered tap water)
on the stove, simmering for about 6 hours or so.
With a little salt and pepper, it was a wonderful broth!
I was very pleased!!!
My friend's daughter ended up being unwell, so my friend could not
come for tea after all...
but I enjoyed a small pot of my newest tea (was delicious!)
and Mr Husband and I splurged on treats, having 2 slices of my 
Grandma's date bread, it was so delicious!
I heard some happy news in MI today and thought 
Snoppy's 'happy dance' was appropriate.
My sister-friend and I texted today and talked a bit,
and I talked to my godson on the phone,
so that was really lovely.
I never did get to quilting today,
but at least I made the chicken broth, got groceries delivered, 
had a phone meeting and took a short walk!
It was my second walk since we got sick in early January.
I hope for another one tomorrow afternoon.
We got some new multi-vitamins and continue to work on
regaining health. 
I also had a fun take-out meal that Mr Husband and I enjoyed a bit of also
tonight (I had it also for lunch) and the rest we 
will have on Saturday!
We watched the Walton's tonight and I always come from 
watching these feeling encouraged and like I watched something
actually worth watching.
And so there were joys in the midst of the work
of regaining health and strength!
Thanks be to God!


karen said...

so happy he is improving. You set a lovely table and now I want to make chicken broth and chicken noodle soup soon.

Lisa said...

I'm glad your husband is improving! I have never thought to put ginger in chicken stock. Is it very noticeable? What is it like?

elizabeth said...

thank you Karen!!! It's such a wonderful soup, chicken soup!!!

Lisa, I would not say it was that noticeable! My friend N. who is local to us has made us soup when we were ill that had ginger in it - she wrote the ingredients for me - and said ginger 'was for strength' ... ginger, onion and garlic are all things that can help one when ailing, I know that. It was probably the best soup broth I have ever made, to be honest!

Lisa said...