Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Monday: all that is bright is brittle; yet the light of Christ is eternal and illumines all

I must remember this day,
how beautiful it was, with good soup,
my Grandma's date bread with butter, good hot tea, 
lamb dish leftovers, so good,
a Walton's episode,
some knitting done,
the simple joys and happiness that we had...
Already my husband was having a lot of sniffles and 
the like, but we were still hoping it was not really what it
seemed to maybe be: a head cold...
I had a lot of fun discussing on social media a recipe for
a lovely pie I still hope I can make for this Sunday's dessert,
for our shared house-blessing meal. 
The consensus is to do was I was thinking:
add cinnamon, vanilla possibly and consider cloves, possible nutmeg.
I look forward to more pondering of this
apple cranberry pie....
I am reminded of Pascha and how the light of Christ
is eternal...
I was given a quote which I found in fuller form tonight,
it encouraged me greatly.
Here is is -- but St. Macarius the Great: 

"Grace is constantly present, and is rooted in us, and worked into us like leaven, from our earliest years, until the thing thus present becomes fixed in a man like a natural endowment, as if it were one substance with him. But, for the man’s own good, it manages him in many different ways, after its own pleasure. Sometimes the fire flames out and kindles more vehemently; at other times more gently and mildly. The light that it gives kindles up at times and shines with unusual brightness; at others it abates and burns low. The lamp is always burning and shining, but when it is specially trimmed, it kindles up with intoxication of the love of God; and then again by God’s dispensation it gives in, and though the light is always there, it is comparatively dull."
from here

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