Tuesday, January 17, 2017

10th day of Christmas

Yesterday was the 10th day of Christmas
and the 16th day since I really have been 
anywhere except at home.
I think both of us were feeling a bit discouraged 
yesterday morning, I admit.
The meds Mr Husband are on to help his lungs
heal have kept him up at night, 
and make him feel unwell in general.
Soon those meds will be done.
I understand why my Grandma is always so positive,
your outlook makes a big difference on how you
experience your day at hand.
We got our YL oils a day early; we 
have hopes that it can help with the respiratory issues
we both are trying to heal from.
I started coughing, but I remember that from the flu
last March; it comes and it stays a while and then is gone. 
We are waiting for some things from the doctor's appointment
my Husband had on Friday.
A dear FB, blog and IG friend helped me know how to
make an oil to put directly on our skin
to help healing.
After I put it on, I felt like something had loosened
and that I could breath a bit easier.
Mr. Husband felt that he was at the best he was 
at that afternoon since he got sick.
So we are really really hoping that this 
will help us turn a corner.
My Husband has never been so sick; 
when I had mono in our first year of marriage, ,
I was weak for months; so I know about it;
but I can tell that my Husband is feeling 
a great deal of pressure about being sick
and the fact that he is not able to work yet.
We opened the unexpected presents yesterday
and got such lovely things,
the best of books, a beautiful decorative *red* rooster,
it glows with the twinkly lights,
I have dubbed it my Christmas Rooster.
My Husband told me how the French have loved 
Roosters for centuries, even had a Rooster on their money
a long time ago... 
We also got a beautiful bottle of soap...
And a fleece for my Husband!
I washed it and hope today that he will wear it!
Will do him good, I think.
We took pictures of each other with all the beautiful sparkles
from the wrapping paper; Mr Husband found it amusing
in the best kind of way!
I am so so thankful not only for dear friends
but for grocery delivery service.
Today we are going to get paper towels,
more distilled water for our new difusers,
and other odds and ends.
It's wonderful to know that we can get things
we need on a daily basis this way.
And Wednesday I am going to get an amazon shipment,
and that is really nice too.
And Saturday is my belated birthday party.
I have people to come on Friday to help me prepare, 
and I really hope that it will go well and
that it will be a blessing to everyone who comes.
And I am hoping that by then Mr Husband and I
will be even stronger.
We are really hoping to continue to turn the corner
that we sensed yesterday.
And so that was the 10th day of Christmas for us.
Lent is super early this year and the beginning signs of it are only
2 weeks or so away.
I knew coming into this year, for various reasons,
that it would be a challenging year for us,
I did not know it would start with illness but I pray that God is
doing something inwardly speaking for us,
building I hope and pray a bit more inward strength
and endurance, so that while we lack
physical strenth, we will be given,
by God's mercy,
the grace to bear it.
Christ is born!
Glorify Him!
Pray for us as we will be missing
 the Theophany services this year.
Never have we missed them since we were Orthodox Christians
and we have to trust God for His ways
and always for His mercy.


GretchenJoanna said...

I'm sure someone will bring you holy water from Theophany and that will do you good! May God's mercies be new every morning. Love, GJ

Gloriade said...

Theophany is what we call Epiphany on January 6 right? I think your little rooster is very cute. Praying your health is continuing to improve.

Lisa said...

I agree with you about the grocery delivery service - such a blessing!! And, in fact, the ease of shopping online for anything - it's wonderful. I'm glad the oils are making a difference.