Tuesday, January 17, 2017

11th day of Christmas

Today was a day of adventures, in a way,
some unfortunate, one funny.
The funny is that I must of put dish soap in the dishwasher tonight.
I was going to go make tea and saw bubbles 
all on the floor under our dishwasher!
The unfortunate was that 4 of the 17 people (19 with myself and Mr Husband)
who were coming to my birthday party
got sick and are unable to come.
Such a shame!  I am really going to miss those who can't make it!
So now there will be 15, which of course is still a large group.
I am hoping everyone else can come!!!
I am really excited about the party, as is to be expected, of course.
I hope to use my Christmas Tree Spode dishes plus
white and gold, and my prettiest tea cups,
and my vintage-got-at-super-great-prices silver plate flatware!
And I found red and green napkins (thrift store in MI!) for this,
and a nice green table cloth for the large table (for about 1.00!!!)
I am really excited for everyone to see my home 
decked our for Christmas and to have a nice meal 
together! I am so hoping that everything goes well for it!
I have not had a birthday party for girlfriends in over 10 years
and thought that my 40th birthday was worth celebrating!
Mr Husband and I seem to be really turning that corner that I 
sensed yesterday...
I am still coughing a bunch lately 
(only last 2 days...)
I will call a nurse, but I honestly don't feel sick as much
as just having a dry cough and needing to regain strength. 
I am loving my new Christmas Rooster (third picture).
We decided to name him Chanticleer, since
Chaucer had his Rooster of this name...
And the group of the same name I mainly listen to
their Christmas music...
Here's their  2016 performance,
I was not able to go this year but have been in that NYC
church 2 times for their Christmas concert, it's really nice!

We had a Walton's date again; we are now in Season 2
and are really enjoying it!
I've still be enjoying different teas as well.
I've had 2 nights of insomnia, so I had
some sleepytime tea tonight,
hoping it does the trick!
And this was the 11th day of Christmas!
Christ is Born!
Glorify Him!


Come Away With Me said...

It is lovely to see all your Christmas posts, your home is so cozy and festive. I am seeing a lot of Elizabeth Goudge there too! She has good things to say about roosters and I wish I could remember what that involved but I know it had something to do with Christ. Maybe it's in her autobiography or perhaps you will come across it in the new bio you got. Chanticleer is such a lovely name I've always thought. Thank you for sharing your days with us, and all prayers for continued healing for you both.

Nancy said...

I hope all goes well with the party!

elizabeth said...

Sarah, thank you so much for your very kind comment!!! Oh, I would love to know what E. Goudge said about Roosters! :) thank you for your prayers!!!

Nancy, thanks so much!