Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Remembering my birthday

I had such a lovely birthday today.
I went to my Aunt H's house with my Mom,
A and M, my cousins, were there as well.
They all gave me unexpected birthday presents! 
And we had a nice lunch and talks 
and lots of laughs too.
I got pictures of me with my Mom, my Aunt H,
my cousins; ... we went to the thrift store afterwards
and I found a beautiful Christmas green table cloth,
some lovely green napkins and some red ones too!
(And I found 5 red ones the day before with Mr Husband!)
I think I will have enough for the big party I am doing for my 40th
belated in later January
(with the fast still going on + Christmas Jan 7th + Theophany, I decided to 
delay it until just after Theophany). 
and now I have enough linens to go with the dishes, etc! 
My Mom and I drove to Trader Joes while the snow fell...
Afterwards, we went home and soon my Dad got my Grandma,
my Sister came over, and later my Brother, my Aunt and Uncle... 
we have a lovely dinner!
Brown rice, Salmon (fish day for my birthday!), salad, vegan biscuits,
vegan cinnamon rolls and flowering tea.
I got pictures with everyone for my birthday.
I was blessed with cards, lots of Internet greetings, 3 phone calls
(my Aunt J left a message, my Aunt P I talked to, my friend C left a message)
and I got some really thoughtful gifts.
It was a really lovely day and I am very thankful.


GretchenJoanna said...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! Many Years!

October Rose said...

Happy birthday!!! :)