Thursday, December 29, 2016


(Inspired by Ramona)

1. I have been married to my best friend for over 4 years
2. I have had Cleo the Cat for 10 years.
3. When I was 18 I had my life mapped out for the next 10 years 
4. I thank God that NONE of my 10 year plan @ age 18 happened
5. I have been a member of the Orthodox Church for over 12 years
6. Madeleine L'Engle and Elizabeth Goudge were incredibly important to me
in my 20s and still today
7. My life is good but so full that I struggle with triaging and how to make
all the things I want to do happen
8. My first quilt is almost done
9. My second quilt is half done and I have dreams of more
10. I love to bake for St Nicholas day and Christmas ~ and Pascha
11. I've realized, it feels, more of a link between the need for thanksgiving and the struggle of 
despair and how thanksgiving can pull one out of it
12. I've struggled with burn out of various types since I got married, in part
because I do not work and had free time to give to other's projects 
and my own.  It took time to sort this all out and it is ongoing. 
13. I lived in Ottawa 7 years, in Canada 15. I still miss Canada and Ottawa.
14. My life in New Jersey is really good.
15. My life in NJ still does not match the level of community / access to community
that my life in Ottawa had ~ in part because of where we live and
the distance from our far-away church. It's getting better, but is a constant
16. I have never drank coffee and don't plan on starting.
17. I love tea of all kinds.
18. I love beautiful dishes/dish sets 
19. I love anything that has to do with the home
20. My Grandma is a really big baker and I, too, love to bake. 
21. My trip to Holland this past year was a huge dream come true, went with
Mr Husband and my parents. 
22. My Husband loves, if he knows you well, to joke; I get teased 10,000/day.
23. My family trained me well, giving me lots of teasing time.
24. Favourites of my siblings teasing include telling me that gullible is written on the ceiling,
faking a fight so I would run up stairs, tell them to stop it and then go back downstairs
into my room.  They said my door slam was the best part of it. I was a teenager at the time.
I did not know the fights were staged until they told me in my later 20's.  
25. They also would tell me
that the word gullible is not in the dictionary.
 Now I know it's there but why would they tell me such a thing ;) 
26. My Husband's teasing includes suddenly doing a face to surprise me; 
once we were done praying
and doing the short version of forgiveness vespers 
(i.e. we ask each other's forgiveness nightly). 
During this time we also say we love each other.  
I was looking away or down or something and 
suddenly Mr Husband burst out with a bug-eyed quick movement
 and I jumped about 10 feet. 
I would of been mad but by this time 
Mr Husband was doubled up on the futon laughing 
so happily that I only said how much I love to hear him laugh.  
(It's true, I love his happy laugh)....
He still tries to do things like this,
but I am on to him now and rarely jump or react.  :)
27. My Husband makes me happy in being himself 
28. My parents and I have a long running 20-year joke of me calling when
they are drinking coffee.  They will answer the phone saying 'how did you know
we were having coffee?" and on we go bantering about it. 
29. I've been calling my parents, often daily, since I left for Calvin College at age 18.
30. I left Calvin at age 20 and graduated from TWU years later, living in BC for over 5 years.
31. I am a Canadian Citizen and love Canada.
32. I love silence and classical and Orthodox music. 
33. I stopped listening to most / all non-classical/choral music between 2006-2009. I realized it
was not only destroying my peace but impacting my inward life.
34. I became Orthodox in large part because of the first page of Met. Anthony Bloom's book
Courage to Pray.
35. Becoming Orthodox has been one of the most beautiful, mind-blowing, at times 
most hard, best things I could of ever done with my life.
36. Being Orthodox has helped me in my journey to not think
I am a super-good Christian - and I believe this is the way it is supposed to be.
37. I have wanted to be a published author since age 19 when I studied for January in 
New England...I was just 19 by days.
38. I have so much on the go, don't know if my desire of writing will happen but
I am seeking to create a meaningful life/one that God wants for me.
39. I lived in Sweden for nearly 6 months in my 20th year.  This is where I first
encountered silence. 
40. My trip to Sweden was 20 years ago this year, as today is m 40th birthday. 


Heather LeFebvre said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Such a monumental year. Praying you are blessed in the coming year in many ways!!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Pom Pom said...

Happy birthday! What a joyful way to celebrate, reflecting!

GretchenJoanna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Elizabeth!! May God grant you many years! I'm glad your husband makes you laugh :-) and I hope you do some serious laughing :-) today. Love, Gretchen

Emmie said...

Many years, almost birthday twin! I loved reading your list. Your husband sounds wonderful, what a gift to make each other laugh.

Nancy said...

Many years, dear friend! Can't agree with the no-coffee stance, though.

Martha said...

This is awesome...I'm going to do 40 things on my 40th birthday, too! ♥ Sounds like you have had a lovely birthday and year and many blessings in your life.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

God grant you Many, Many Years, dear friend!

Nancy McCarroll said...

You are a super person. Hope to meet you in Heaven! Sounds like you have had a successful 40 years, dear Elizabeth.

Gloriade said...

So yesterday was your birthday? It seems the Lord has given you a rich, deep and fulfilling life. Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth--may year 40 be your best yet!! Belated greetings, as we were traveling on the 29th... and an now back in Norway! :))) VERY much enjoyed this list and learning more about you! Thanks so much for visiting at my blog--such a nice surprise. I'm hoping once things settle more, etc. to be online a bit more! Blessings to you & yours this new year!! ((HUGS))

karen said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth, I loved your list and you are a much loved person :)