Saturday, December 17, 2016

Near, yet nearer

I baked dozens and dozens of cookies this week. 
St. Nicholas Day cookies are all bagged up and ready to go!
Christmas cookies are in the freezer, waiting till January!
(Our Church Christmas is January 7th)... 
Already beginning to give gifts, wrapped many;
I have been working on so much at once;
Christmas presents, St. Nicholas Day, planning
a belated birthday party for myself 
(a big birthday this year!), Christmas dinners, 
planning, baking, grocery sugar shopping. 
It snowed today!
And it's pretty much gone, but it was here.
I finally got my covered dish that I have been wanting!
It is in stock and one is on it's way to me here.
I hope to use it for many special dinners to come!
It's pretty much liked a planned marathon with 
breaks from now until January for me. 
I won't have a lot of time to blog,
so if you have Christmas this coming week, 
Merry Christmas!
Christ is Born!
Glorify Him! 


Lisa said...

We had snow also, and it isn't gone! There is plenty! But with temps near 50 tomorrow, I wonder what will remain at the end of the day. It's beautiful. :) You have been busy, Elizabeth! And Cleo helps, I see.

E Helena E said...

That covered dish is absolutely gorgeous!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Look at all those cookies - your industry puts me to shame!

I too will be off-line most of this coming week, so I wish you, Mr Husband and Cleo a joyful peaceful and blessed Christmas - Christ is Born - Glorify Him!

Pom Pom said...

Yummy! Where is my cookie bag? I love your covered dish. I am going to the Polish Pottery Outlet tomorrow!

Nancy said...

Wow! You've been busy. I can help with eating the cookies! I'm willing to take the hit to help you out, cause I'm selfless that way. That covered dish looks really nice.

Gloriade said...

Look at all those cookies! I am so impressed. Your friends and family are going to enjoy all the fruits of your industry. I love the idea of celebrating Christmas giving at Epiphany but this Lutheran girl's family is used to a Christmas Morning celebration and that's OK too. Have a blessed Christmas.

Becki said...

What beauty in all that baking! I love the glimpse of your kitchen - the lights are festive and fun. While I haven't commented on all your posts, they truly inspire me to enter more fully into Christmas. Thank you for that.