Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday, after 2 days in NYC, with a blur of activities

Whew, as I knew it would, this week
came hurtling in like a ton of bricks.
I had 2 days in NYC,
including my eye appointment, which I am happy say
went well and my right eye, as myopic as my eyes are, is OK.
I picked up a few more presents in NYC and my list of things to do
is still high...I finished our Christmas card in a 2 hour rush yesterday,
I read over lunch a lovely article about why using good China is 
not only that which brings quiet and honour to a guest,
but is deeply linked to how a tradition-based Christian lives out their
sacramental life. 
Fr Andrew Damick's book, 
Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy is proving to be a very enjoyable,
clear and thought-provoking read. 
I find it to be both gentle and forthright. 
Well, I have a lots of cleaning and paperwork to do today,
I hope to get our Christmas tree up sometime soon,
hopefully next week and I have 2 weeks to get my 
St. Nicholas and Christmas baking done...
and a new Church book sale prep and everything else...
This is always my most busy time of year.
Lord have mercy and help me keep the spirit of the
Nativity Fast amidst it all! 


Mary said...

Elizabeth i am so intrigued by the link between 'good china and hospitality'and want to read more.A nun at a monastery in Pa. stressed this to me many years ago!Can you please give me that info? Your NYC pics are so beautiful- --thank you.

elizabeth said...

Hi Mary,

It's unfortunately not a link, I took a picture of it. You can order the print magazine I would think. The full title of the article is: Dining on Tradition
Joanne L. Canda on How Using Great-Grandmother's China Has Made Us a Godlier Family and can be seen in the table of contents here:

To quickly summarize, she talks about the family history that is passed down by passing down the China and that often China is washed by hand and family may do it together, telling stories. Second, she talks about how the Holy Eucharist traditionally is only given in a jeweled goblet, honouring Jesus Christ's Body and Blood. Third, she talks about how using one's fine China is communicating to the guests that they are worthy of the best they have to offer - and how this used to be commonplace to do - and that the guest is so worthy that they risk even having a dish break by using it. The author is Continuing Anglican, FYI and lives in the States. It's a short article and I think my quick summery here does hit most of it. :)

I would LOVE to hear what the monastic in PA told you!!! please do share! :) Would love to know more!

Mary said...

Oh Elizabeth how exciting! I 'claim' as my personal monastery Holy Transfiguration in Ellwood City Pa. and by God's mercy have made retreats there many years.The most beloved sisters explained the importance of receiving anyone into our presence as Christ through body language,vocal tone,and environment. We spoke of setting a table even in very humble circumstances, as an opportunity to express honor toward a guest. I could spend the rest of my earthly days listening to those beloved sisters. One of life's greatest honors is to be their guest

elizabeth said...

Hi Mary, that's really nice! thanks for telling me this! I have not been to this monastery, but have been to it's sister Monastery Holy Dormition for over 10 years, I only get to HDM about once/year or so, but I love it there. I would love to go to H. T. like you do someday, but it's not near family, when HDM is... someday I hope! One of my godson's grandparents lives near H.T. so it would be esp nice to visit :)

Gloriade said...

What lovely lovely picture of New York. I'm afraid I am a bit provincial and going into big cities always intimidates me. I live on the West Coast but think if someone would take me by the hand I would love to explore New York. I set the Thanksgiving table with china and crystal this year because there were only a small number of us but I rarely use it for Christmas because of all the work for a larger group. Perhaps I need to rethink my reasons.

elizabeth said...

Hi Gloriade: I use uber or lyft taxis a lot in NYC.that helps! It has it's appeal for sure! I got used to city living, but I grew up in the countryside so I do know how you feel! I love China for Christmas - but have never had a huge group - my Husband only wants so much work in terms of larger parties, so I don't know if I could do fine China for a bigger event. I can do 9 or 10 on good China for Christmas however. Here's how I did it last year for our bigger dinner:

Lisa said...

I like the city at Christmas. The tree at Astor Hall is beautiful. Don't overdo, Elizabeth! Be at peace in your duties. :)

Jennifer Hays said...

I like that idea about using the fine china. I almost never use mine but then again, we rarely have a large group here. Maybe we should use it anyway, and stop saving it. I have service for 12 of both my fine china and my everyday stuff! I was expecting to have a larger family than I ended up with. I enjoyed seeing your photos of the city at Christmas, the very best time to be in NY, in my opinion. :)

Gloriade said...

I think I shall definitely plan on using my china for Christmas. I think there will only be 10 for dinner this year so that is doable. I enjoyed looking at your 11th day of Christmas dinner. Lovely. How does one celebrate the 12 days of Christmas?