Monday, November 28, 2016

...And we're back...

Mr Husband and I went to the Midwest for Thanksgiving this year,
meeting up with the rest of his siblings and his parents.
We stayed at a rustic lodge + old house.
We had nice visits, walks, games and good food.
The surrounding countryside was really beautiful. 
We got back later than we hoped yesterday, due to a
flight delay, but the house was pretty much in order,
with Cleo's substitute sitter doing mostly a good job; we did have
a very talkative MEOW MEOW Cleo to come back to.
Today begins the Nativity Fast for us who are on the Julian Calendar.
I both feel ready for this fast and not ready; as if life is just whirling 
so quickly that days are melting away before they begin.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Welcome back!!
Love, love, love your photos!

GretchenJoanna said...

Wonderful photos! It's great that you are able to travel so much and be with your families. And of course, sweet to be back home again, eh? A Blessed Advent to you and your husband.

Paula said...

Looks like a lovely trip!

Jennifer Hays said...

Hi Elizabeth, I'm glad you had a nice trip and a happy holiday. Your photos are lovely, it looks like a very pretty rural place you visited. I hope you have a good week ahead.

Lilly's Mom said...

Such lovely pictures you shared. I'm interested in the Nativity fast beginning Nov 28. I'm Coptic orthodox and our fast began Nov 25. But I see on the Moscow Patriarchate their fast beginning Nov 28. Do you know why there is a difference? Supposedly both are on the old calendar. My best to you, Pat

Lilly's Mom said...

Hello again, I just found my answer to my question above; the Coptic church adds three extra days to the fast. Have a great day! Pat

Emily H. said...

I'm glad for your safe travels! We had a few frosts up here in MI in the past week but today it's almost 60 again!

Emmie said...

Such gorgeous photos! I am glad that you all had a good visit and made it home safely. Always so nice to get home! Blessed Fast!

Lisa said...

Nice photos, Elizabeth. You had a good trip, I'm sure.

Pom Pom said...

Such lovely food and lovely scenes!