Friday, November 11, 2016

A lovely day with the Munchkin

It was such a nice day.
The Munchkin came over last night, 
as planned...
we read all of the book
it was lovely!
We played games!
Trouble, Uno and Chess +
Calvin Chess, which is similar to 
Calvin Ball, ala Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes:
no rules other than do one non-rule thing at a time.
It's fun and the Munchkin and I took great joy in 
being goofy and taking out the king on the Chess board as our first
'Calvin Chess Move' :)
Sushi with cucumber and avocado for lunch, apples with peanut butter
and graham crackers with peanut butter were enjoyed by all.
As was Christmas music and this fun link with
And my chicken pot pie, made yesterday, 
was a great success!!

In this world we have a lot of struggles, but it is so nice
to have a day where play was the operative word and 
enjoyment was the goal.
I treasure these out of the ordinary lovely days.


Mary said...

That final sentence jumps off the page to remind me just how lovely ordinary days really are. Good books,good friends,a good meal,a good pot of tea...extra...ordinary days. Thanks Elizabeth.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

How lovely indeed!

karen said...

that day sounds like the best day ever! I love how ordinary is celebrated by you, I love when I feel contentment, it's the best feeling in the world.

elizabeth said...

Mary, thanks! yes!

Elizabeth, yes it was!

Karen, exactly!!! and super special because I don't have kids over every day! so I really treasure these days!!!