Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Transformation comes in various ways, including the mundane

Cleo's been having litter box issues.
So researched, got a new box and litter, kept the old litter box but moved
it to the bathtub (we have 2 bathrooms in our place), so that she still has it...
was not way to keep the old litter box where it was and 
still try the new one...
hoping she adjusts well do it, as we could do with 
some success in this department.
Husband's allergies were retested, DUST mites being the culprit.
he is told that the bedding has to be washed 1x week.
Ack.  As if I needed more work on my already full plate.
I am researching new things for this as well.
I feel a bit discouraged about this, 
as I am doing so many things, that adding more
just seems a bit overwhelming at this point.
But I have some ideas on how to get this 
all done, so that's something.
I have a new essay coming out on Thursday,
that's the good news!
I had some fun researching shelving that we may
put in this summer in the office, 
which is in dire need of a complete overhaul. 
I am a bit off kilter in terms of my routine/rhythm that I have
been trying to get reestablished, ever since our trip abroad.
It sure can take sometime to get back into things.
Lord have mercy on us all,
no matter if we are big or small... 

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karen said...

I hope the new litter box wins Cleo over :) Our cat way back when didn't like where his litter box was placed in the new house. If only they could talk.... My routine is in a really good groove and I'm happy!